What is Associated Student Government? 

ASG is the governing body of the Associated Students which is composed of all graduate and undergraduate students of Emporia State University. Our purposes are listed below and focus on providing a voice for the Associated Students. ASG is composed of a President and Vice President, the President Pro-Tempore, a Diversity & Outreach Chair, a Legislative Director, a Treasurer, an Election Commissioner, a Chief of Staff, and the Student Senate.    


  • To provide the means whereby the members of the student body may express themselves effectively through programs in areas which directly affect the general welfare of the student body in any aspect of the university experience in which they choose to participate.
  • To establish equitable representation and participation for the students in the governance of the university community.
  • To promote mutually beneficial cooperation among students, faculty, staff, and administration in furthering the purposes for which the university was founded.
  • To promote democratic participation in the decisions of the university community.
  • To provide services of notable benefit to the Associated Students.


The Student Senate is composed of 23 Senators who represent their academic schools or colleges including incoming freshmen and at large members of the University. The Vice President resides as President of Senate.

President of Senate

 Cassandra Stair

2016-2017 Senators

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences  


Brooke Bailey               Cale Bolen               Michaela Cape               Jack Holmgren               Ceanna Trice

The Teachers College

Joseph Leiter               Shelby Marten               Megan McReynolds               Chukwunenye Nweke            

School of Business 

Holly Clark               Luke Palmer               Nkem Nwogu               Courtney Renfro    

Graduate School

Kenneth Ezeh            

Freshman Students

Jacob Miller               Nickolas Wathke           

At Large Students

Diego Esparza               Kayla Gilmore               

Staff Members

Treasurer, Mia Combs               Legislative Director, Jessica Parks               Chief of Staff, Andy Renteria

Election Commissioner, Clay Martin



Fiscal Affairs: The Fiscal Affairs Committee is responsible for administering funds delegated to the Associated Student Government. This includes all matters concerning allocation of student fees, setting limits for all allocations to organizations, reviewing readjustments in use of allocation money with organizations, and notifying organizations of available funds for fiscal allocations, all matters pertaining to reserve fund requests, and all matters pertaining to line item requests.

Senate Operations: The Senate Operations Committee is responsible for reviewing and updating the constitution and all other ASG policies or procedures, any other matter pertaining to the operations of the Student Senate, assisting the Vice President in assembling and publishing the legislative summary, holding and overseeing the ASG elections in conjunction with the Election Commissioner, and overseeing the creation of new student organizations.

Campus and Community Relations: The Campus and Community Relations Committee is responsible for the connection of Associated Student Government to both the Emporia State campus and the Emporia community. This includes the promotion and assistance in any events that could further the mission of the Associated Student Government. The committee will oversee the campus safety walk, the ASG banquet, cash cab, assist in the Nitty Gritty series, and facilitate Get Caught Reading Week.  

Diversity and Inclusion: This is an unofficial explanation of the Diversity and Inclusion committee’s duties and responsibilities. There will be three subdivisions to the committee: International Students, Minority Students, and Sexual Assault Victims. Each Subdivision will find issues within the student body, and fix or show attention to the issues using ASG legislation.

2016-2017 MEETINGS

Our group of Senators are here to serve YOU, the student. What better way to hear your voice and learn more about ASG than to attend one of our OPEN Senate meetings? These meetings occur every other Thursday at 5:15pm on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union in the Senate Chambers. These meetings are open for ANYONE to go to, and we'd love to have you as a guest in the gallery.

The Spring meeting dates are as follows:

  • January 26th
  • February 9th
  • February 23rd
  • March 9th
  • March 30th
  • April 20th
  • April 27th