Emporia State University Foundation Strategic Plan

Approved June, 2011


The Emporia State University Foundation promotes the general welfare, development, growth and well-being of Emporia State University by soliciting, managing, and distributing private resources to support Emporia State's mission in teaching, research and public service.

Guiding Principles

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to aid, foster, and promote the development and welfare of Emporia State University, and the education and welfare of its students, faculty, staff, and alumni by:

IRS Designation

ESU Foundation, Inc. is designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to support Emporia State University.

Strategic Initiatives

Fund Development #1 Fund Development #2 Fund Development #3
Information Technology Student/Alumni/Friends Engagement Board Engagement
  Community Outreach  

Fund Development #1


Identify fund development goals for the short term and long term


  • Develop financial goals for FY12 thru FY17
  • Team sufficient to meet financial goals
  • Initiate a feasibility study to determine the readiness for a comprehensive campaign
  • Establish a permanent Fund Development Committee within the Foundation Board of Trustees   

Fund Development #2


Foster an environment within the Foundation that supports the efforts of staff, faculty, University personnel and Trustees to achieve common goals 


  • Focus on donor-centered fund-raising
  • Explore benefits of DO assignment within individual colleges on campus
  • Develop consistent and timely documents informing constituents of accomplishments and the most significant funding priorities of each individual college 

Fund Development #3


Develop relationships with a more diverse group of alumni  


  • Utilize Alumni Association events to enhance our cultivation objectives
  • Develop regional alumni agents in targeted geographical areas
  • Allocate travel resources reflective of organizations growth & strategic plans 

Information Technology


Establish a technology platform that provides avenues for engaging alumni with the University


  • Analyze current technology, current system and other software vendors within the next 12 months to develop a proposed plan for the Foundation’s future technology platform
  • Create a technology plan for the Foundation for engaging alumni 

 Student/Alumni/Friends Engagement


Build an active mentality on campus where giving of time, talent, and treasure of alumni and friends and students are constantly sought.


  • Commit resources to identify avenues for interacting with students and former students who will ultimately contribute to the University 
  • Expand communication opportunities for telling the Emporia State stories 

Board Engagement


Maintain & increase enthusiasm generated by the Trustees

Create stronger more permanent linkages with Trustees

Develop a Board of Trustees that is devoted to the University, is engaged, and has continuity


  • Train Trustees to support donor contacts/visits
  • Build stronger relationships/communication with various entities of the University
  • Create a more diverse Board of Trustees
  • Generate a plan for recruitment and retention of Trustees  

Community Outreach


Build broad support in Emporia and the Lyon County area


Create a vision for a Greater Emporia State by collaborating with local, university, and foundation leaders. The task force that results will consider:

  • Establishing funding sources within Emporia and the Lyon County area for student access and success
  • Collaborating across local and university entities to develop a plan for campus perimeter acquisition
  • Improving residential housing on and off campus