Thank A Giver

TAG –Thank A Giver

This week Emporia State University is having its annual TAG –Thank A Giver celebration. All across campus and on social media you will see gold “TAGs” attached to buildings and plaques, pianos, books, sports equipment and more.  You will also see students who have benefitted from a scholarship wearing Thank A Giver wristbands.  It is absolutely incredible the numerous ways that our generous Givers have affected our campus community.  Their contributions provide us with spaces to think and dream in, tools to perfect our crafts with, opportunities to learn and grow.  This week is a great opportunity to take a look around and reflect on how these gifts have benefitted you, and how honored we are that our alumni and friends give generously to make Emporia State great!

Emporia State University Foundation

The Emporia State University Foundation was established in 1952 as an independent, nonprofit corporation that exists to support Emporia State University.

The Foundation team raises, receives, manages, invests, distributes and stewards private resources in support of the university’s mission in the areas of teaching, research, public service, and scholarship. 

The Foundation’s fundraising team works with individuals, corporations and foundations that believe in and support the University’s goals and initiatives through charitable gifts  that improve, enhance, and expand the vitality of Emporia State.

By investing in Emporia State, you help change lives!