Minor in Ethnic and Gender Studies

Are you interested in political and social issues associated with race, ethnicity, gender, and class? Or are you interested in learning about different cultures from your own? Are you interested in your own culture? If you answer yes to any of these questions a minor in Ethnic and Gender Studies is perfect for you. An Ethnic and Gender Studies minor is an interdisciplinary minor with courses available in many different academic departments. Some classes that count towards your specific major may also count towards an EGS minor. The requirements for the minor are:


¨ 18 credit hours in classes 300 and above in three different areas. These areas include a variety of classes in History, Social Sciences, English, Education, Communication, Modern Languages, Music, Art, Sociology, Anthropology, and Biology.


¨ You must attend 8 extracurricular events that deal with issues of race, class, ethnicity, gender or other cultures. Keep your programs and ticket stubs!


¨ In your Senior year you are required to complete a portfolio which includes: an essay that describes your experience as an Ethnic and Gender Studies minor; the syllabi from each of your EGS courses; any papers, tests, or assignments from your EGS courses; and also material (such as programs or handouts) collected from the 8 events you attended.


¨ A brief presentation about your experiences as a minor and/or your portfolio.

Here is a small sample of the types of courses that you can take to complete your Ethnic and Gender Studies Minor:

AN 325 - Native Peoples of North America

AN 430 - Race and Identity

AN 331 - Folklore and Urban Legends

EG 565 - Ethnic Film

EG 592 - Young Adult Literature

GE 354MA - Cultural Geography

FR 379 - Civilization of French Speaking Countries

GR 379 - Civilization of German Speaking Countries

SA 379 - Civilization of Spanish Speaking Countries

SP 350 - Intercultural Communication

SP 300 – Communication and Gender

HI 480 - Introduction to Women's Studies

HI 485 - Women of the Old West

MU 324 - World Music

CE 710A – Multicultural Counseling

HI 426 - The Holocaust

If interested please contact the Director of Ethnic and Gender Studies, Heidi Hamilton (hhamilto@emporia.edu or 341-5703) or stop by or call the office in 412 Southeast Morse Hall (341-5661). EGS staff will provide guidance in course selection for the minor so that you can plan enrollment with your own academic advisor.