Bachelor of Science in Education

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Kienholz
The degree Bachelor of Science in Education with an English teaching field prepares the student for a career in junior high and high school teaching. It enables the prospective teacher to obtain a broad background in English as well as excellent preparation in the theory and practice of teaching literature, composition, language, and the mass media.

See the core curriculum general education requirements in the General Education section of the course catalog for additional requirements for the BSE. A 2.6 GPA in English courses is required for admission to teacher education and student teaching.

English Department
Required Courses for BSE: (30 hours) 
EG 210:  Intro to Literary Study (3 hrs) 
EG490:  Teaching English in the Middle-Level or Secondary School (3 hours) 

At least one course from each of the following areas: (24 hours)

I.  American Literature 
II.  British Literature 
III.  World Literature 
IV.  Media Literacy:  JO 200 
V.  Young Adult Literature 
VI.  Literary Criticism / Rhetoric 
VII.  History of the English Language 
VIII. Writing:  EG 301 or EG 280 or JO 301

Electives for BSE: (12 hours) 
Additional courses to make a total of 42 hours. 
BSE students must take courses in a variety of areas: literature before and after 1830, literature by women writers and by writers of color and ethnic diversity.

Professional Education Program

PY211 Developmental Psychology
MA225 Math as a Decision Making Tool
ED220 Introduction to Teaching
EG491 Technology in the English/Journalism Classroom
SD550 Survey of Exceptionality
CW001 Writing Competency Exam
CW002 Reading Competency Exam
CW003 Math Competency Exam

Phase One (Taken during one semester)
ED333 Principles of Secondary Education
PY334 Educational Psychology
ED334 Classroom Management

To be taken concurrently or following Phase I: 
EL416 Teaching Reading in Secondary Schools

Phase Two 
LE487 Student Teaching, Secondary
ED431 Professional Relations of Teachers

Middle Level English 
Advisor: Dr. Kevin Kienholz
This program prepares students to English in Grades 5-8.

Required courses are EG 490 and Categories IV-VIII above, for a total of 18 hours.  Students choose 6 additional hours of elective courses.