Faculty and Staff Directory








620-341-xxxx 620-341-xxxx
Dr. Mel Storm Interim Chair, Professor, Director of Graduate Studies mstorm@emporia.edu PH 404 S 5563  
Kara Wolford Department Secretary kwolfor1@emporia.edu PH 404 M 5216 5681

EMLJ Faculty and Staff

Lindsey Bartlett Instructor lbartlet@emporia.edu PH 404 A 6139  
Dr. Mike Behrens Assistant Professor mbehrens@emporia.edu PH 404 E 5546
Dr. William H. Clamurro Professor cclamurr@emporia.edu PH 404 F 5519  
Dr. Dan Colson Assistant Professor dcolson@emporia.edu PH 404 O 5529  
Ron Feemster Assistant Professor rfeemster@emporia.edu PH 306 E 5541

Dr. Jim Hoy Professor, Director of Center for Great Plains Studies jhoy@emporia.edu PH 404 R 5549  
Dr. Richard Keller Professor Emeritus rkeller@emporia.edu PH 404 5559  
Dr. Kevin Kienholz Professor, Advisor B.S.E. English kkienhol@emporia.edu PH 404 K 5216  
Jessica Madinger Instructor jmadinge@emporia.edu PH 404 A 
Prof. Max McCoy Associate Professor, Advisor The Bulletin mmccoy2@emporia.edu PH 404 C 5544  
Theresa Mix Instructor, Director of Writing Center tmix@emporia.edu WAWL 209 M 6370  
Lisa Moritz Instructor lmoritz@emporia.edu PH 202 5255  
Dr. Cynthia E. Patton Professor, Advisor B.A. English cpatton@emporia.edu PH 404 Q 5216  
Dr. Luisa Perez Professor, Advisor B.S.E. Spanish lperez@emporia.edu PH 404 T 5827  
Dr. Kevin J. Rabas Associate Professor, Co-Director of Creative Writing krabas@emporia.edu PH 404 P 5218  
Dr. Gregory Robinson Assistant Professor  grobins2@emporia.edu PH 306 B 5554  
Dr. Rachelle Smith Professor, Interim Director of Composition rsmith@emporia.edu PH 404 B 5560  
Veronica Tischhauser Instructor vtischha@emporia.edu PH 404 A 6139  
Doris VanPelt Instructor dvanpelt@emporia.edu PH 306 D 5521  
Prof. Amy Sage Webb Professor, Co-Director of Creative Writing awebb@emporia.edu  PH 404 U 5558

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Angela Beatie   abeatie@g.emporia.edu PH 305 5564  
Matt Broz   mbroz@g.emporia.edu PH 305 5564  
Sabina Huseynova   shuseyno@g.emporia.edu PH 305 5564  
Rosalie Krenger   rthomps1@g.emporia.edu PH 305 5564  
Ashley Lundblom   alundblo@g.emporia.edu PH 305 5564  
Andrew Mendelsohn   amendels@g.emporia.edu PH 305 5564  
Kenzie Templeton   jtemplet@g.emporia.edu PH 305 5564