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Elementary Education/ Early Childhood/ Special Education

Master Teacher- Elementary Subject Matter


Teacher working with group of students



Introductory Courses (12 hours)

EL 751 Application of Developmental Theories, 3 hours
EL 821 Reading Curriculum Development & Strategy Instruction, 3 hours

Choose two of three:

EL 815 Foundations of Curriculum Development, K-12, 3 hours
EL 833 Foundations of Education, 3 hours
ED/EL 892 Teaching/Learning Models, 3 hours


Research (3 hours)

ER 752 Analysis of Research, 3 hours

Master Teacher- Elementary Subject Matter


Elementary Subject Matter is designed for educators who wish to improve their teaching, management, and assessment skills.

    ED/EL 535 Cultural Awareness for Educators, 3 hours
    Choose three of four:
    EL 801 Improvement of Instruction in Language Arts, 3 hours
    EL 802 Improvement of Instruction in Elementary School Math, 3 hours
    EL 803 Improvement of Instruction in Science Education, 3 hours
    EL 804 Improvement of Instruction in Elementary Social Studies, 3 hours


Finally candidates will take a capstone course:

    EL 854 Action Research, 2 hours

Electives (7 Hours)

The student, with assistance and approval from the advisor, will select seven additional credits of electives.

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