Scholarship Information

ESU has many great scholarship opportunities for all students. Check out the ESU Scholarships and Grants page to find more information.

The Kansas PTA is offering a Future Teacher Scholarship. This scholarship is based on (1) need for assistance, (2) scholastic records, (3) aptitude for teaching, and (4) character and personality. For application materials, please visit their website

The Kansas Board of Regents offers some undergraduate scholarships. Please visit the Kansas Board of Regents, Student Financial Aid webpage for more details on these scholarship opportunities.

The TEACH Grant is offered by the US Department of Education and Federal Student Aid. This scholarship is worth up to $4,000 per year for undergraduate students. For more information visit the TEACH Grant webpage.

The US Department of Education and Federal Student Aid offers a Loan Cancellation/Deferment Option for Teachers. This is a loan forgiveness program for teachers who have taken out Stafford and/or Perkins Loan. For more information visit the Loan Cancellation/Deferment Options for Teachers.

The Breidenthal Education Scholars Program provides scholarships for students from Wyandotte County who are seeking their elementary education degree through the ESU/KCKCC Distance Partnership Program. For more information email