Required Courses

Core General Education Courses

EG101   Composition I

EG102   Composition II

SP101    Public Speaking

AR 105 Art Appreciation

MU Music Appreciation or TH 105 Theater Appreciation

History: HI111, HI112, HI101, HI102

Literature/Mass Media or Philosophy: EG 207, JO 200, PI 225, PI 255 or PI 325

AN 210 Anthropology or CW 301 Ethnic Studies

MA110 College Algebra

PY100 Introduction to Psychology

Biology: GB 100, GB 102, GB 103

PS 115 Our Physical World


Other General Education Courses

Personal & Social Well-Being: H1 150 and choose one: PE 100, BU 293, CE 170, or SO 261

IT 325 Instructional Tech. For Teachers

GB 303 Field & Lab Biology

Multicultural Perspectives: Choose One: AN 210, CW 301, GE 101, GE 354, PO 330 or a 5 hr. Foreign Language course

Social & Behavioral Science: PO 100, PO 121, or PO 322


Professional Education Courses

EL230  Children’s Literature

EL 315 Teaching Diverse Populations

MU 124 Basic Music

EL312   Reading/Writing Connection

EL/ED220  Introduction to Teaching

EL310   Diverse Learners  OR
ED535  Cultural Awareness (ESL)

MA307   Elem. Math I

MA308   Elem. Math II

PY 211 Developmental Psychology

IT371    Adv. Instructional Tech. for Educ

SD550   Survey of Exception.

SD560   Coll. & Strategies

AR324   Elementary Art Ed.

PE381   Elem. Health & PE

MU344  Music for El. Tchr.


Block 1

EE311  Planning & Assessment

EE313  Reading for the El. Teacher I

EE314  Teaching Soc. Studies/El. Sch.

EE316  Teaching Science / El.  Sch.


Block 2

EE315   Teaching Lang. Arts/El. Sch.

EE317   Teaching Math./El. Sch.

EE318  Classroom Management

EE320   Obs. Tchg./Learning Models

EE413   Reading for El. Teacher II

EE414   Reading Practicum


Block 3

EL466   Student Teaching

       or       Other:  EL464 for split

       &       Other: 

EE431    Professional Competencies

EE415    Foundations Of Curriculum