The Earth Science department offers selected courses via the internet as part of ESU's Distance Education program. The M.S. degree can be earned entirely online.  To recieve credit for the courses, students must be enrolled officially, and in contact with the instructor. It is not possible to complete the courses from the web pages only. The following courses are now online; next scheduled offering is indicated for each. For more information about distance learning and online courses in earth science, contact J.S. Aber,or download the attached flyer.


Course Title


ES 366

Natural Hazards

Spring 2015

GO 326

Plate Tectonics

Each Spring

ES 331

Ice Age Environments

Fall 2015

GO 340

Gemstones and Gemology

Each Fall

ES 341

Wetland Environments

Spring 2016

ES 351

Introduction to Geospatial Analysis

Each Spring

ES 521

History of Geology

Spring 2017

ES 546

Field Geomorphology

Fall 2015

ES 551

Computer Mapping Systems

Fall 2016

ES 555

Small Format Aerial Photography

Summer 2012

GO 567

Environmental Geochemistry

Spring 2015

GO 571


Each Spring

GO 572

Contaminant Hydrogeology

Each Fall

GO 580

Environmental Field Methods

as permitted

ES 739

Research Problem

Each Semester

ES 767

Quaternary Geology

Fall 2015

ES 767

Global Tectonics

Each Spring

ES 767


Fall 2015

ES 767

Wetland Environments

Spring 2014

ES 767

Advanced Tectonics

Fall 2014

ES 771

Remote Sensing

Fall 2015

ES 775

Advanced Image Processing

Fall 2015

ES 875


Each Semester

More online curriculum

  • Web reports for ES 111 Introduction to Earth Science Lab.
  • Resources for GO 324 Rocks and Minerals.

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