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Distance Education

Tuition & Fees

2013-2014 Distance/Online Tuition & Fees




KS Resident


Distance Education Fees
Internet, ITV & Telenet
$218/hr +$60/class
$290/hr +$60/class
ESU - Kansas City
 (Overland Park)
$218/hr + $30/hr
$290/hr + $30/hr



KS Resident


Distance Education Fees
Internet, ITV & Telenet
$292/hr +$60/class
$403/hr +$60/class
ESU - Kansas City
  (Overland Park)
All other classes
$292/hr + $30/hr
$403/hr + $30/hr

School of Library & Information Management (SLIM) 

$292/hr + $60/class
$757/hr + $60/class

MSEP (Midwest Student Exchange Program) SLIM or On-Campus Students Only
Please see MSEP guidelines for information on eligibility requirements and programs at Emporia State University.  In Kansas, all students participating in the Midwest Student Exchange Program: Must reside in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota or Wisconsin.

Corky Plus Tuition for students who are residents of Buchanan, Cass, Clay, Jackson & Platte counties in Missouri! The Corky Plus Tuiton rate for these counties in Missouri began Fall 2013.

Beginning Fall 2014 the Oklahoma counties are eligible for the Corky Plus Tution, same tuition as Kansas in-state students. Students who are residents of Cleveland, Cherokee, Creek, Kay, Lincoln, Logan, Muskogee, Noble, Nowata, Oklahoma, Okfuskee, Okmulgee, Osage, Pawnee, Payne, Pottawatomie, Rogers, Tulsa, Wagoner, and Washington counties in Oklahoma, are eligible for the same tuition as Kansas in-state students.


* An exception or waiver would be allowed for specific circumstances.  Each semester, the student must complete an Application for Resident Fee Privilege for Out-of-State Residents Employed in Kansas or for Recruited or Transferred Employees to Kansas.  Waiver is not applicable for on-campus courses.

NOTE: Your billing statement will break up Distance Education Tuition & Fees into two separate charges: Off-Campus Tuition and Distance Education Area Fee. The sum of these items equal the tuition & fees above. The ESU-Kansas City fee and the Internet/ITV fee are separate charges.

Click here for a complete listing of ESU Tuition and Fees.

Undergraduate Fee:
A one-time $10 non-refundable processing fee is required for first time ESU undergraduate students taking distance courses.
Graduate Fee:

Effect July 1, 2011 (Non-Refundable)

  • 1st Time Degree/Certificate Seeking -    $40.00
  • Returning New/Degree/Dual Degrees -    $20.00
  • 1st Time Licensure/Non-Degree Seeking -  $25.00
  • Returning Licensure/Non-Degree Seeking - $25.00
  • Changing from Licensure/Non-Degree to Degree/Certificate Seeking - $40.00
  • Degree/Certificate Re-Admit -  $25.00
  • 1st Time PhD -    $50.00
  • Returning PhD -   $25.00