Academic Assistance

The academic assistance areas that are provided for all online and off-campus students include:

Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services facilitates and coordinates accommodations and services for students with documented disabilities at Emporia State University. ESU has a long history of providing services for people with disabilities. We are committed to meeting the unique needs of our students. The office also promotes a successful transition to college and work, campus and community resource information, disability awareness, and voter registration information.

Students are encouraged to register with the office prior to enrolling in classes. Students can self-identify to the office by submitting documentation and making an appointment to address individual needs. Documentation requirements are unique to each disabling condition.

A new, easy-to-use literacy software called Read and Write Gold is now available. It is a customizable toolbar that integrates reading, writing, student and research support tools. Please visit for more information. 

The Office of Disability Services is located in the basement of Memorial Union, (620)341-6637, (620) 341-6646 (TTY), or (620)341-6640 (Fax). Contact the office for reference materials. The Relay Service is available for those with communication disabilities and can be reached by calling 711 from an ESU telephone.


Library Resources

The William Allen White Library supports the academic, research, and service programs of ESU. To meet individual and Distance Education needs of university, community, and Kansas citizens, the library provides access to resources in print, multimedia, and electronic formats. Students also have access to the Kellogg Online Catalog and other online search tools.


Resources for Distance Students

For Further Questions: Access the homepage of the library or contact Terri Summey (Coordinator for Library Services to Distance students).

Laboratory & Tutoring Assistance (writing, reading, mathematics)

     As a distance education student, you have access to academic assistance through the writing lab, mathematics lab, and the reading lab.

     Contact the various labs for information

     Smarthinking Online Tutoring - provides you with up to 5 hours of online tutoring per term



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Proctoring Guidelines/Proctor Agreement Form

Students are responsible for finding a qualified proctor to administer each exam. The proctor must be a teacher, professor, or administrator in a nearby secondary school, college, university, or testing center. In some instances, a professional employment supervisor may also serve as a proctor, with the instructor’s permission. For assistance finding a proctor, students can contact a guidance counselor, an academic advisor, the dean of students, or the registrar’s office of a nearby college, university, high school, or local testing center. The Consortium of College Testing Centers is an organization that has testing centers across the country and abroad that provide proctoring services to distance students near their homes. Emporia State University is a member of this consortium. Centers are located in 44 states and Canada. Any fees for proctoring at a specific site selected by the student are the student’s responsibility. Students submit their proctor information to the ESU Distance Education Office no later than a week before the campus exam.

Questions? Contact Us

Jenny Jiang - Distance Coordinator

P| 620-341-5262 or 877-332-4249

E| Jenny Jiang

Ashley Brandt - DE Admin Assistant

P| 620-341-5081 or 877-332-4249

E| Ashley Brandt

Nina Finzelberg - Asst Director of ESU-Kansas City


E| Nina Finzelberg

Ann Wooge - Advisor at ESU-Kansas City

P| 913-338-4378

E| Ann Wooge