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Information Resource Studies

Careers in IRS

Online researcher - based on customer interviews, specialized in retrieving and compiling information from corporate, bibliographic, legal, scientific and full-text databases.

Database design analyst - design logical and physical databases and coordinate database development as part of a project team, applying knowledge of database design standards and database management system.

Internet site architect
 - create or maintain a site on the World Wide Web. Provide content and programming or supervise writers and programmers.

End-user Trainer
 - conduct literature searches, compile bibliographies, and prepare abstracts, on subjects of particular interest to your employer or client.

Information Services Manager - Develop and design methods and procedures for collecting, organizing, interpreting, and classifying information for input and retrieval of specific information from computer systems.

Office Automator - study existing information processing systems to evaluate effectiveness and develop new systems to improve production or workflow as required.

Web Programmer
 - develop programs that add features to Web sites to help users get the most out of the Internet.

Information Designer
 - work with customers to prepare the manuals, reference books, and online screens that computer users consult when they learn how to use new software.

Market Research
 - devise methods and procedures to obtain data on competitors, design surveys to assess consumer preferences, and make recommendations based on findings.

Graduate Programs
 - Graduates with this degree can also go on for further study in library science, management, and management information systems