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Information Resource Studies

iRS Degree Requirements

  1. The student must complete at least 124 semester hours of credit in courses numbered 100 and above to include:
  2. General Education Requirements of 48 hours:
  3. Minimum of 60 hours for Major Requirements
  4. Minimum of 16 hours of General Electives
  5. Minimum of 12 hours in the Core Classes
  6. Maximum of 30 hours of the total program may be taken from business courses
  7. One of the following must be meet:
    • A total of 75 hours earned from ESU, 6 of the final 12 hours
    • A total of 30 of the final 45 hours earned at ESU
  8. ESU and cumulative GPA of 2.0
  9. The student must fulfill the university's competency examination requirement. For more details, please visit:
  10. The student must satisfactorily complete the IRS Practicum.

Information Resources Core

12  hours

  • IR301  Intro to Information Resource Studies
  • IR302  Information Use in Today’s Society
  • IR410  Intro to Information Sources and Services
  • IR470  Practicum in IRS

Information Technology

9 hours


9 hours


9 hours

Organizational Studies

9 hours

Research Methods

3 hours

Major Curriculum

60 hours

General Education Curriculum

48 hours

General Electives

16 hours

Total Credit Hours for Degree

124 hours

R301 Introduction to Information Resource Studies (3 hours)

An overview of the information resource studies field, including a designation of the areas of study, the impact of information and technology on society, and the role of the information professional.

Ethical and legal issues will be examined, as well as the student's philosophical and professional aptitudes for the field.

IR302 Information Use in Today's Society (3 hours)

The impact of culture and other social differences on individual use of information is studied, along with theories of learning and information use. Examines our information society and how information is created, recorded, mass produced, disseminated, and used by individuals and groups.

IR410 Introduction to Information Sources and Services (3 hours)

A study of the processes necessary to select, acquire, and use appropriate information sources. An overview of administration of information services.

IR470 Practicum in IRS (3 hours)

A supervised field experience with seminars. Students will secure, in coordination with the instructor, placement in an organization with the opportunity to provide information service to individuals and groups.

Practicum Process & Goals