Graduate Admission Applications

Thank you for applying for admission to graduate study at Emporia State University!  We look forward to having you as a member of our academic family.  If you should have any questions while submitting your application, please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator,

Mary Sewell via e-mail at or telephone at 620-341-5403/800-950-GRAD.

Please read the following instructions before completing the graduate application.


If you are applying to start classes in SUMMER, 2015, please use the application listed below

SUMMER APPLY NOW - Electronic Application Only


If you are applying to start classes in Fall, 2015 or any future term, please use the application listed below


If you are having difficulty with application, watch the video below or contact Mary Sewell at 620-341-5403.


International Student Application - Students who hold or will hold a F1 or J1 Visa and are applying to Emporia State University MUST complete the International Student Application. Any questions regarding the admissions process for international graduate students should be directed to Gloria Swift, e-mail, telephone 620-341-5374, or fax 620-341-5918.

Undergraduate Admission Applications

Thank you for your interest in applying to Emporia State University! This is your application if you are a US Citizen/Permanent Resident Who is...

  • A High School or Home School Graduate, or has completed a GED.
  • A Transfer Student from another college or university interested in programs on and off campus.
  • A Transfer Student who has completed a Bachelors Degree from a college other than ESU and would like to receive a Second Bachelors Degree.
  • A Graduate Student.
  • Online Application
  • Printable application

ID Verfication Form: ID statement for distance students. All undergraduate students in distance programs (either off-campus or online) must complete this ID verification statement.

If one of the categories listed above doesn't describe you,  please consider one of the applications below.

Returning Student: Have you been an ESU student in the past and would like to return?

Special Enrollment Application Registration Form (PRINTABLE): Are you interested in taking a few classes to see what ESU has to offer? This is a "non-degree seeking" application.

Concurrent Student Application and Registration Form (PRINTABLE): Are you a high school student and want to take classes at ESU before you graduate from high school?

International Student: Are you from a country outside of the United States and wish to study in Kansas?

Second Bachelors: This application is for students who have previously taken classes at ESU, or have earned a Bachelors Degree from ESU.

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