Emporia State University is committed to the fundamental right to vote for all students who are eligible voters.  The Office of Disability Services serves as the voter registration site on campus.  Voter registration materials can be obtained in the office in English and Spanish. 


When registering to vote in the state of Kansas, students are registering for national, state, and local election participation.  If the student’s permanent address is in a county other than Lyon County, the student can either continue registration in his or her home county or register in Lyon County.  Applications for advance voting ballots are also available.  Voter registration forms can also be obtained online (http://www.fec.gov/votregis/vr.shtml).  Students can check their registration status and find their polling place on the Kansas Voter View (https://myvoteinfo.voteks.org/) website.


Requests for accommodation should be directed to the Office of Disability Services.  Questions about voter eligibility and the voting process should be directed to the County Clerk’s Office in the Lyon County Courthouse.