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Blue Key Honor Society

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Blue Key Honor Society

"Serving, I Live"

After rechartering the organization in 2012, the Emporia State University chapter of Blue Key Honor Society has worked fervently to re-create the quality of leadership and service that our membership has historically been devoted to. In order to do so, we have committed to annual recognition of campus leaders and the work they are doing, the establishment of the Hayes Lecture Series which encourages Emporia State University students to pursue leadership roles in their lives, and the development of a new leadership conference that educates and instills the best values into students of the University. We have also organized Hornet Squad, a leadership group that meets monthly to discuss campus initiatives and new ideas for working with your organization. We maintain a sturdy profile when it comes to putting in service hours, and strive to find new ways to help our community.

For more information on Blue Key or any further questions on our purpose, you can contact the President, Micheal Torres by email at