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Center for Innovative School Leadership

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District Information

Step 1 Upon the approval of the respective board of education, a district volunteers to participate in the review process.
Step 2 The district provides informational material to CISL. These materials correspond to four protocol areas - leadership, human resources, facilities management, teaching and learning. Documents may include: safety plans, board agendas, staff development activities, human resource manuals, etc.
 Step 3 The district identifies the groups from which it would like to receive feedback. The survey may be distributed to teachers, administrators/board of education members, students, classified staff and parents/patrons in the community. The survey consists of 40-50 questions regarding various aspects of the district.
 Step 4 A one to three day on-site visit is scheduled with the school district. The CISL team meets with various groups including: parents, teachers, board of education members, administrators, and classified staff. This visit includes observation of a board meeting.
 Step 5 CISL presents a summary of its findings at an agreed upon board of education meeting approximately 4-6 weeks after the conclusion of the on-site visit.
 Step 6 A full report detailing all findings from the review process is created by CISL and provided to the district approximately one month after CISL’s meeting with the board of education.


School Efficiency and Effectiveness Review Protocol - Facilities Management