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Center for Great Plains Studies

Plains Photo Project

The Plains Photo Project is an online gallery for images related to all aspects of the Great Plains. The gallery strives to be a repository for scholarship of the life and culture of the Great Plains region. The variety of images whether historic, scientific, nostalgic, or simply beautiful, reflect the breadth of Great Plains life and culture.

Amateur and professional photographers, researchers, scholars, dwellers and visitors are invited to submit photographs to the Center for inclusion in the online gallery. Images should be accompanied by a brief explanation including location, date, and photographer contact information. Submissions should be sent as jpeg or tiff files to The Center will not be able to return original photos sent through the post. As this is a non-profit educational venture, no payment is available. However, all photographers will receive full credit on the website.

Great Plains Photo Gallery
Great Plains Photo Gallery

Fall 2013 - Don Wolfe

Spring 2013 - John Morrison

Fall 2012 - Jason Waite

Summer 2012 - Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston

January/February/March 2012 - Harland Schuster

November/December 2011 - Brad Neff

August/September/October 2011 - Wayne Rhodus

May/June/July 2011 - Roger Spohn

March/April 2011 - Scott Bean

January 2011 - Jim Richardson

November/December 2010 - Janis Humbert

September/October 2010 - Tony Dzik

March/April 2010 - Bob Gress

January/February 2010 - Tom Parker

December 2009 - Harold Gaston

November 2009 - Doug Wirtz

September/October 2009 - Jim Saueressig

May/June 2009 - Kristin Potter

April 2009 - Francis Marion Steele (1866-1936)

March 2009 - Brian Merriman

February 2009 - Casey Wilson

January 2009 - Dave Leiker

December 2008 Gallery - Stephan Anderson-Story

November 2008 Gallery - Phillip Finch

October 2008 Gallery - Dennis Stillings

August/September 2008 Gallery - Jim and Susan Aber

May/June 2008 Gallery - Mark Feiden

April 2008 Gallery - Kara Wolford

March 2008 Gallery - John Boles

February 2008 Gallery - Scott Bontz

January 2008 Gallery - Bill Rau

December 2007 Gallery - Larry Schwarm