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Subject: Teenage Pregnancy



Title:  Teenage Pregnancy
Author 1:
Author 2:
Publisher: Phi Delta Kappa
Date:  1987
Categories: Teenage Pregnancy
Format: Text
Call Number: T8701

Summary: This volume has been compiled from a number of informative-research based articles in order to provide material that will provide a general perspective about the problem of adolescent pregnancy, an understanding of the teenagers who are most vulnerable, an awareness of the nature of the consequences resulting from an illegitimate pregnancy and an opportunity to examine programs that have been tried in various communities.  Articles have been selected from a wide range of materials because of their potential to contribute to an improved understanding of teenage pregnancy. 

(Grades 7-12)


Title:  The Doctor is in....Teenage Pregnancy
Author 1:
Author 2:
Publisher: Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Inc.
Date:  1990
Categories: Teenage Pregnancy
Format: Video
Call Number: T8703

Summary: Teenage pregnancy is not a new problem, but the social costs are higher than ever:  teen parents who drop out of school can't earn enough to raise a family; young mothers are most likely to be illiterate and to become alcoholic; they and their babies are at high risk to suffer abuse.  This program follows several pregnant teenagers through the births of their children and subsequent changes in their lives.  A developmental psychologist for the University of Rochester School of Medicine explains his finding that nurses' visits during pregnancy and the first two years of life helped to change some of the problems of depression and poverty.  The program also covers problems caused in the past when some of the girls gave their babies up for adoption. 

(Grades 7-12)