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School Counseling - Counselor Education

Curriculum Electives

The Department of Counselor Education offers relevant course electives in areas that are addressed minimally in many traditional human service and psychology programs which include:

  • Anger Management
  • Counseling Boys and Men
  • Crisis Prevention
  • Grief, Death and Bereavement Counsling
  • Advanced Behavior Intervention

In addition, the Department offers numerous professional development workshops and seminars on a variety of topics for both current students and professionals already working in the field. The Department of Counselor Education utilizes innovative approaches to learning and endorses the value of personal attention and advising to maximize the growth of students as they pursue degrees at ESU. Educational experiences are designed to expose students to alternatives, strategies, and possible interventions available that may facilitate growth and adjustment of individuals served. Two major strengths of Counselor Education departmental programs are:

  1. The success of our graduates in obtaining employment after graduation
  2. The applied field experience component required in each program

Students frequently obtain meaningful jobs before they complete their internships. The reputation of our programs attests to the relevant preparation of our graduates and their success as practitioners. The field experience requirement allows students to see the practical application of on-campus course work in a real life situation.