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Counselor Education

Rehabilitation Counseling

Full Time Plan of Study (7 semesters)

Semester 1 (Fall) Total of 10 Hours
RE701-3 Foundations of Rehabilitation Counseling
MH790-1 Professional and Ethical Issues in Counseling
MH891-1 Advanced Professional and Ethical Issues in Counseling
RE 734-2 Interpersonal Counseling Skill Development
MH735-3 Theory & Practice of Counseling
Semester 2 (Spring) Total of 11 Hours
RE 640-2 Disability Policy & Human Service Systems
RE695-3 Employment Issues in Rehabilitation
RE732-3 Psychosocial Development & Disability
Electives - 3 hours 3 hours of electives with advisor approval
Semester 3 (Summer) Total of 6 Hours
ER752-3 Analysis of Research
RE815-3 Individual & Group Assessment
Semester 4 (Fall) Total of 9 Hours
RE 730-3
Medical Aspects of Disability
MH830-3 Group Processes in Mental Health Counseling
RE 833-3 Diagnosis & Treatment of Mental Health Disorders
Semester 5 (Spring) Total of 9 Hours
RE 751-3 Advanced Case Management
RE 855-3 Practicum in Rehabilitation Counseling
RE 875-3 Trends & Issues in Rehabilitation Counseling
Semester 6 (Summer) Total of 6 Hours
RE835-3 Career Counseling in Rehabilitation
RE721-3 Counseling Diverse Populations
Semester 7 (Fall) Total of 6 Hours
RE899-9 Internship in Rehabilitation