Parallel Pathways

Parallel Pathways is a new initiative developed by the Kansas State Department of Education to license additional School Counselors to serve in high need areas of Kansas.  Previously School Counselors were required to have a current teaching license and have two years of teaching experience.  This requirement is waived under the new Parallel Pathways legislation allowing people with a Bachelors degree in other fields to enter a Masters program in School Counseling.  The additional requirements needed to complete a Parallel Pathways degree will include six (6) hours of field experience to gain first hand knowledge of the school environment and the responsibilities necessary to provide School Counseling services. 

Field Experience Guidelines for Parallel Pathways Candidates

Field Experience Placement Form

Field Experience Responsibilities of On-Site Mentors

SC700A Introduction to Secondary School Counseling - Secondary Activities

SC705A Introduction to Elementary/Middle School Counseling - K-8 Activities

SC710A Multicultural Counseling - Multicultural Activities

SC715A Parenting and Parent Consultation - Parenting Activities

SC820A Career Counseling and Development - Career Activities

SC860A Leadership and Advocacy - K-8 Activities