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Application for Practicum


Knowing the number of students/candidates planning to enroll in practicum or internship each semester is necessary in order to allow for adequate planning and scheduling of these courses/experiences. Therefore, students wishing to enroll in practicum must receive advanced approval from their faculty advisor and the Community Counseling Services Director in order to begin this experience. Students must complete the formal application by the deadline date the semester prior to the start of practicum. 

All graduate students, except for those utilizing the Kansas City Metro Learning Center, will be required to complete their practicum experience through Community Counseling Services during the scheduled hours of operation. Students who find they are unable to take practicum (a section is not available) after they have applied and received prior approval from their faculty advisor, will be placed on a waiting list for another semester. The department will attempt to schedule practicum classes to accommodate all students needing the experience in a given semester. 

Practicum is a highly individualized learning experience that involves intense supervision of the student’s application of knowledge acquired in prerequisite coursework. Therefore, a grade of B or better is required for all program prerequisite courses. 

School counseling candidates must ask their advisor to have a committee of school counseling faculty members complete a disposition form, and give the form to the Community Counseling Services Director when completed. This form is necessary in order to satisfy the requirement for NCATE decision point #2 (application/acceptance into initial field experience). The Department of Counselor Education validates acceptable dispositions of candidates for admission into practicum and/or internship. If dispositions are unacceptable, the candidate will be denied admission into practicum and/or internship, or a contract will be developed for the candidate to follow during these field experiences. The candidate may file an appeal if admission into practicum and/or internship is denied. 

Graduate students applying for practicum must provide evidence of professional liability insurance before beginning their practicum course experience. All practicum applications must contain evidence of liability insurance through a copy of the actual policy that will be kept on file in the clinic. Coverage must be related to the practice of counseling and/or rehabilitation services and can be obtained by contacting professional organizations (ACA, ASCA, KRA, AMHCA). Practicum experiences will not be permitted without actual proof of insurance verified through a policy copy. Professional liability insurance can be purchased through the web addresses listed below:

**Please attach a copy of your unofficial transcript to this application**

All students applying for practicum through Community Counseling Services will need to schedule a personal interview with the Community Counseling Services Director the semester prior to enrollment. Personal interviews need to be conducted before April 1 (for summer practica), July 1 (for fall practica), or November 1 (for spring practica).

Submission Instructions

  1. Download PDF application form
  2. Print the PDF application form
  3. Complete PDF application form
  4. Mail the completed PDF application form to:

Ann M. Miller, Director, Community Counseling Services
Emporia State University
1 Kellogg Circle
Campus Box 4036
Emporia , KS 66801

If you have any questions, contact

Ann M. Miller, Ph.D., LPC, NCC  



Application Deadline

Students must complete their formal application by the deadline date the semester prior to the start of practicum:

June 1
Fall Semester
October 1
Spring Semester

March 1

Summer Session

Physical Address:

Community Counseling Services (not on the ESU main campus)
Earl Center, Rm # 236
1601 State Street
Emporia, KS

The Earl Center, the office building that hosts Community Counseling Services, is located off of State Street across from Hammond Park. The two story, brick building houses Community Counseling Services  in the Department of Counselor Education on the top level and the Jones Institute for Educational Excellence on the bottom level.

Parking is free of charge and available in the parking lot surrounding The Earl Center.


Mailing Address:

Hours of Operation:

Contact Information:

Community Counseling Services
Emporia State University
1 Kellogg Circle
Campus Box 4036
Emporia, KS 66801

Mon: 1 - 9 pm
Tues: 1 - 9 pm
Wed: 1 - 9 pm
Thurs: 1 - 7 pm

Summer Hours:

Mon: 12 - 6 pm
Tues: 12 - 6 pm
Wed: 12 - 6 pm
Thurs: 12 - 6 pm