Part- Time Employer Job Listings and Third Party Recruiting Policy:

 Emporia State University Career Services adheres to National Association of Colleges and Employers (“NACE”) Principles for Professional Conduct and to the Equal Employment Opportunity (“EEO”) recruitment and employment guidelines and laws established by the Federal and Kansas governments.  Employers and Third Party Recruiters participating in job listings and recruiting activities must adhere to NACE principles and applicable state and federal law, including but not limited to the use of student information and the Employment Services Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.  Positions should be of interest to college students or alumni. Career Services does not perform background checks on candidates or employers.

ESU Career Services provides a part-time job listing service to benefit both employers and students of Emporia State.  It is the policy of Career Services to list positions related to employment with legitimate employers that have an official business.  Due to our inability to validate jobs related to in-home care with private individuals, Career Services will no longer list jobs related to in-home care.  This includes positions that require students to care for individuals in their home of any age (babysitting, senior companions, houskeeping, etc.).  This policy is effective as of September 1, 2013.

ESU Career Services reserves the right to decline postings and recruitment for positions that require a financial investment by our students, or postings or recruitment for positions that may involve unreasonable risks, where known, or postings or recruitment for positions that conflict with the NACE principles of professional conduct.

Employer Job Listings: In order to list an ESU Career Services Part-Time job posting, employers need to submit the following information:

 ►  Complete and accurate information regarding position

►  Clear and complete list of job duties

►  Clearly stated expected knowledge, skills and abilities

►  Specific contact information, including e-mail address

►  Application process instructions


Third Party Recruiting Activities:  Under NACE definitions, third party recruiters are agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for employment opportunities other than for their own agency needs.  This definition includes, but is not limited to, employment agencies, search firms, contract recruiters, and resume referral firms. 

Third Party Recruiting Activities:

►        Jobs:  Third party recruiters may post positions in their online Hire-a-Hornet account.  The name of the client being represented must be made available to Career Services, but will not be published online without consent.  Recruiters shall disclose to student applicants the employer(s) represented.

 ►        Career Fairs:  Third party recruiters may participate in ESU career fairs, but attendance is limited and determined on a first-come-first-served basis.  The name of the employer being represented should be clearly identified on all announcements and displays.  Those allowed to participate should represent employers who have authorized them to recruit for specific positions.

►        On-Campus Interviews:  Third-party recruiters may participate in on-campus interviews provided the name of the client is disclosed to ESU Career Services and prospective candidates.

 ►        Referrals:   Third-party recruiters will be provided a list of actively searching candidates, in accordance with applicable law, if the job description and name of the client are disclosed to ESU Career Services, it will not be published without consent. It is understood that there is to be no re-release of candidate information to any other party.

 ESU Career Services are provided as a service to ESU students for their career development and employment efforts.  Recruiting services are provided to registered students and alumni only.  The presence of job announcements does not indicate an endorsement or recommendation by ESU, its employees, agents, governing board or the state of Kansas.

 Students should take responsibility for all necessary precautions when interviewing for, or accepting these positions, and students are solely responsible for obtaining necessary information concerning employers.  ESU reserves the right to decline activities violating state or federal law, ESU policy, or that conflict with the NACE principles of professional conduct.

In compliance with law, ESU allows equal access for military recruiters to participate in campus recruiting activities.

 Thank you for reviewing our employment policy, now you may submit your Part time job by clicking HERE