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Career Services


1:______ Register:
Complete your account in Career Services Hire-a-Hornet. (First time to sign in? Username is your "E" number and "hornet" is your password) Please change the username and password to something you will remember, once you log in.

2:______ Reference Letters: (Keep these up-to-date!) 
Choose your reference writers. You need a minimum of two reference letters for your credential file to be complete. Most schools will want at least three and three to five is recommended. Ask your writers to write their letters on the reference form or include the reference form with the letter and mail it directly to Career Services. Give your writers at least a month to write and send their letters. Employers want current letters, if you have an old file please be sure to have 3 to 5 letters in the file that are not more than 5 years old.

3:______ Transcripts:(order in person or online only)
If you want to add a transcript in your file, visit the transcript information page at:

to to have a transcript sent to us for your credentials file. We do not have access to your transcripts. We cannot include transcripts from other colleges and universities in your credentials file. If you add a transcript to your file, as a student,  this transcript is not automatically update after you graduate or if you take classes in the future.

4:_______ Resume: 
If you want a resume to be sent with your requests, you will need to upload it into your Hire-a-Hornet account. We will download it when we send your credentials out, if it is not more than 6 months old unless you request that we do not send it. Resumes are considered "outdated" after 6 months and are purged out of Hire-a-Hornet after 6 months if they have not been updated. Please save this somewhere other than your Hire-a-Hornet account if your want to update it in the future.

5:_______ Contact Us:
You may view which reference letters have been received on your behalf in your Hire-a-Hornet profile. Contact Career Services at 620/341-5407 or, if you have other questions. We will send you an email when we have received two reference letters (assuming you have completed your registration on Hire-a-Hornet). However, we do not send additional emails when additional letters or transcripts arrive. You will need to check your Hire-a-Hornet account to see which other letters have been added to your file.

6:_______ Send Credentials:
When you are ready to send your credentials out:

Call 620/341-5407 or email
Or, you may use the electronic form (click here):
Provide the following information-
1. Contact Name
2. Name/Number of school district
3. Complete mailing address
4. Email address and/or fax number

Credentials are sent for free for ESU students currently taking classes and through the month of your graduation. Once graduated, the fee is $5 per request. To make this payment, please call our main number at 620-341-5407. PLEASE-For your own protection, do not send credit/debit card information through email. Email is not secure.

*Career Services does not provide mailing addresses of school districts, including Emporia’s.
When ordering credentials, please be prepared to give the complete contact name, USD number, mailing addresses and email address and/or fax number. If this information was not given to you, it can usually be found on the district website.