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Credentials files are used primarily by schools, colleges, and universities to help determine which candidate is best qualified for a position. Files are most often established by elementary and secondary school teachers, special education teachers, school administrators, counselors, and other personnel employed in a school setting. Students seeking the Master of Library Science degree as well as students seeking admission into graduate school also may choose to establish a credentials file.

You must be registered in Career Services Hire-A-Hornet to establish a credentials file in our office.  Once you create an account in Hire-a-Hornet, you will have an option of uploading a resume into your account if you would like it to be sent out with your credentials or sent out for referrals.

A credentials file consist of a minimum of two reference letters and any other optional documents you wish to provide, such as, an ESU transcript and teacher certifications/licensures.

Reference letters may be “open” or “closed”. The Buckley Amendment to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) permit students and alumni to have access to their Reference Letters or to waive their right to see them. The choice is yours; however, a Reference Form must be signed with each letter, indicating whether your Reference Letter is open or closed. Any letter received without the form, or any letter received with the form that is not signed will be an open letter.

Career Services will send credential files to prospective employers at your request or the request of the employer. You must provide us the complete address and USD number of the school you wish to send your file to. You may request your credentials electronically on our forms page, by phone (620-341-5407), fax (620-341-5168), mail, or e-mail Karla Olson ( Files are sent to prospective educational employers free of charge for students currently enrolled in classes at ESU. After the month of graduation, or if the student is longer enrolled in classes at ESU, there is a fee of $5.00 per request.

As with your resume in Hire-a-Hornet, we strongly encourage all students and alumni to keep their credentials file "current". In order to update your credentials file, simply have new letters sent to our office, or have old letters, that may not pertain to your current abilities, placed on hold or destroyed. If there is no activity for five years, the credentials file will be destroyed.

It is recommended by employers that letters in a credentials file not be more than 3-5 years old and that a file hold from 3-5 letters. You may also include in your file, a teaching license and an ESU transcript only. We can NOT add a transcript from any other university to your file.