Marketing combines a business foundation with specific preparation for a career in marketing. Students prepare themselves for entry-level positions in areas such as advertising, marketing research, physical distribution, merchandising, international marketing, and marketing management.

Why Study Marketing at ESU?

To put it simply, a company can have the best product or service in the world (build a better mouse trap, for example), but if it doesn't let customers know about its value, the company and the product will fail. That's where marketing comes in. With market research and a marketing plan in hand, your potential customers will know about your product or service and beat a path to your company's door to buy it. And because of the boom in digital, Internet and social network marketing, the field is changing quicker than ever. That's why you should study marketing at ESU. Here, you will get those current skills that will make you invaluable to future employers.

About the Program

If you are interested in marketing, you will find the Emporia State University program provides a comprehensive business foundation that prepares you for a specific career in marketing. The marketing curriculum emphasizes the right mix of theory and practical skills to provide you with a broad understanding of marketing and business.

In your studies, you will first build a solid business foundation with courses in accounting, finance, management, and computer information systems. At the same time, you will take specialized courses in advertising, consumer behavior, marketing research, and marketing management.

The marketing program also allows you the opportunity to select electives such as:

  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • International Economics 
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Logistics
  • Personal Selling
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • Special Topics in Marketing

In addition to your academic studies, you will have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience by participating in an internship coordinated through the School of Business. Emporia State's business internship program has an excellent relationship with businesses throughout the state that help students benefit from the experiences they receive in a work setting.

Major Requirements

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Minor Requirements

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Career Opportunities

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Dr. Shawn Keough
Assistant Professor 
Chair of the Faculty
Emporia State University