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Dr. Shawn Keough
Assistant Professor 
Chair of the Faculty
Emporia State University

Marketing Minor

Fall 2015 Catalog

(15 Hours Required)**

  Course Name Hours
  MK 301* Principles of Marketing 3
  MK 451* Consumer Behavior 3
Select three courses from the following:
MK 430* Retail Management  3
  MK 433* International Marketing 3
  MK 453* Marketing Research 3
  MK 455* Personal Selling 3
  MK 460* Sales Management 3
  MK 462* Integrated Marketing Communication 3
MK 464*
Marketing Management 3
  MK 505* Special Topics in Marketing 3
MK 510* Marketing Analytics 3
  MK 521* Services Marketing 3
MK 530* Electronic Marketing  3
BE 303* Multi-Media Applications 3
    Total Hours 15

* Students minoring in Marketing must earn a minimum of a “C” grade in all Marketing minor courses to fulfill program requirements.

Courses numbered 300 or above in the School of Business are designed for upper-level students.  Junior standing is a prerequisite for all courses numbered 300 or above in the School of Business.  Junior standing is defined as having completed a minimum of 60 semester credit hours.

**A Marketing Minor is awarded to students who complete the prescribed credit as indicated above.  Three of these credit hours are part of the Business Core.  A major in the School of Business will need only four additional courses to complete the Marketing Minor.

Note:  Any transfer student receiving a minor in Marketing at ESU must have a minimum of nine (9) credit hours of upper-level work in Marketing at Emporia State University.

 Note:  All prerequisites must be met.  Students seeking a Marketing Minor are strongly urged to discuss their course choices with a marketing faculty member to gain a better understanding of the content of available marketing courses with respect to the needs and interests of the individual student.