Management Career Opportunities

The management major provides an educational foundation for a career as a manager. Some of the careers available, as well as the average starting salary, include:

Pricing Coordinator: $ 38,500

Ensures that pricing for all products within a store is accurate and accurately reflects the pricing lists administered by the organization. Regularly reviews prices for all grocery items to ensure accuracy, initiates price changes and ensures that all items are accurately marked and signs for products are updated promptly. Conducts price checks for cashiers for unmarked items.  (

Management Trainee: $ 35,247

Performs assigned duties, under direction of experienced personnel, to gain knowledge and experience required for promotion to management positions. Receives training and performs duties in several departments, such as credit, customer relations, accounting, or sales, to become familiar with line and staff functions, operations, management viewpoints, and company policies and practices that affect each phase of business.  (

Business Development Coordinator: $ 34,102

 Primary duties are to initiate phone calls to target clients on a daily basis,​generate meetings with desired decision makers, read/​research trade journals and other appropriate resources to identify trends, market opportunities.​ BDC also provides weekly reports as needed and participates in client presentations and development of the presentation materials as requested.​  (

The School of Business faculty works closely with Career Services to help you find a job. Many business firms and government agencies annually send recruiters to campus to interview our graduates.

Faculty members also work with you to locate job information and prepare for job searches and interviews.