Information Systems

Information Systems involves the study of how people, data, computer hardware, software, and other technology work together to satisfy the information needs of professionals who are involved in making business decisions.  This major provides diverse career possibilities, and IS graduates find jobs in virtually every area of business, government and education.

What is Meant by Information Systems?

The Information Systems major involves the study of how people, data, computer hardware, software and other technology work together to help companies make profitable business decidions. Modern, competitive corporations require that information systems professionals fully understand the impact of new technological applications.

Mobile apps and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are just part of the technology explosion. Couple these new technologies with social networking and new web applications, and you can readily understand information technology's importance to national and international corporations. Managing information has become THE career. Your ESU courses in information technology will prepare you for this fast-paced brave new world. In fact, information technology is the fastest growing and highest salaried profession in the world. Your skills will be in high demand.

Program of Study

At ESU, you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Business degree with a major in Information Systems. If you decide to earn a major in an area other than IS, you also can minor in the IS area. Both the IS major and the IS minor prepare you for employment opportunities in business and industry.

Job Placement of IS Majors was 100% for 2012

IS Major

The four-year degree program requires you to complete approximately 8 courses (24 credit hours) in IS and approximately 13 courses (39 credit hours) in a common business core. Among the subject areas you may study are:

  • Programming languages such as COBOL and Visual BASIC
  • Data Base Concepts
  • Telecommunications and Networking Applications
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Project Management
  • Web-Based Business Applications using Java
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Internship

The IS Internship course offers you an opportunity to gain on-the-job work experience that complements the traditional classroom instruction.

IS Minor

This minor allows you to pursue another area of study as your major while you minor in IS. The program requires you to complete five courses (15 credit hours) in IS. If you are a business major, you can earn a IS minor by completing only 9 additional IS credit hours.

Facilities and Equipment

As an IS major at ESU, you have access to the latest hardware and software. A campus-wide, fiber optic backbone network provides students with access to world-wide computing facilities through the Internet. Campus computing facilities available from the network include multiple file servers running the latest in microcomputer software packages. The Richel Computer Lab houses a large selection of networked microcomputers that are available to students more than 80 hours each week. The lab is staffed by a full time coordinator, graduate teaching assistants, and student workers, who can assist with hardware and software problems. 

Major Requirements

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Career Opportunities

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