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Mr. Larry Falcetto
Associate Professor of Accounting
Interim Chair
School of Business


2012-2013 Catalog

The information systems major is designed to prepare students for careers in business and industry in which utilization of information systems is a major function. This program has a solid foundation in the business curriculum and emphasizes computer systems and programming on micro-computers as well as large computer systems.

Degree Pattern for Information Systems Majors:

General Education  48-55 hours*
Business Core Requirements  42 hours
Information Systems Major Requirements  24 hours
Electives  3-10 hours
   124 hours


Business Core Requirements (42 hours):

School of Business Admission Requirements:

AC 223 Accounting for Operating Activities (3)
BC 104 Principles of Economics II (3)
BU 140 Business Dynamics and Professionalism (3)
IS 213 Management Information Systems Concepts (3)
AC  233 Accounting for Investing and Financing Activities (3)
IS   253 Business Technology Modeling (3)
BU  255 Business Statistics (3)
BU  301* Leadership Communication (3)
BU  353* Principles of Business Law               (3)
FI   301* Financial Management (3)
MG 301* Principles of Management                (3)
MK 301* Principles of Marketing (3)
MG 423* Operations Management (3)
MG 473* Business Policy & Strategy** (3) 42

*   Minimum of “C” grade required to fulfill BSB and major/minor program requirements

** Concurrent enrollment required in BU 099 - Major Field Test in Business  (No Credit)


 Required Courses (18 hours):

IS 333 Business Computer Systems Analysis (F & S)  3 hours
IS 343 Web-Based Business Applications (F) 3 hours
IS 413 Data Base Concepts (F)  3 hours
IS 453 Business Intelligence (S) 3 hours
IS 473 Telecommunications & Networking  (S) 3 hours
IS 493 Information Systems Design & Project Management  (S) 3 hours


B. Select a minimum of 6 hours from the following:

IS 373 Principles of Electronic Commerce (F) 3 hours
IS 393 Advanced Web-Based Applications (S) 3 hours
IS 423 C/C++ (F) 3 hours
IS 463 Enterprise Systems (S) 3 hours

ELECTIVES – (3-10 hours)                                                  3 - 10 

TOTAL REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION                                   124

Please see your advisor for assistance and course selection that best complements your learning or career goals.

A minimum of 45 hours of upper division (300 level or above) courses are required.