Entrepreneurship Minor

Fall 2014 Catalog

(18 Hours Required)**

Course Number Name Hours
___MG 301* Principles of Management 3
___MK 301* Principles of Marketing 3
___MG 370* Small Business Management 3
___MG 553* Entrepreneurial Management 3
Select two courses from the following:
___AC 223* Financial Accounting (3)
___AC 333* Cost Accounting (3)
___AC 423* Federal Income Tax Accounting I (3)
___BU 353* Legal Environment of Business (3)
___BU 530* "Business, Law & Sustainability" (3)
___BU 540* Business & Society (3)
___IS 343* Web-Based Business Applications (3)
___IS 373* Principles of Electronic Commerce (3)
___FI 301* Principles of Finance (3)
___MG 443* Organizational Behavior (3)
___MK 451* Consumer Behavior (3)
___MK 455* Personal Selling (3)
___MK 462* Promotional Management (3)
___MK 505* Special Topics in Marketing (3)
___MK 521* Services Marketing (3)
___MK 530* Electronic Marketing (3) 6
Total Hours 18


* Students minoring in Entrepreneurship must earn a minimum of a “C” grade in all Entrepreneurship minor courses to fulfill program requirements.

Courses numbered 300 or above in the School of Business are designed for upper-level students.  Junior standing is a prerequisite for all courses numbered 300 or above in the School of Business.  Junior standing is defined as having completed a minimum of 60 semester credit hours.

Only students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business degree or a Bachelor of Science in Education – Business Education degree are permitted to take more than 30 credit hours of business courses.  This limitation applies to a non-business degree student even though the student is pursuing a minor in the School of Business.  For more information, students should visit with their advisor.  Students can also contact the School of Business advisor in Cremer Hall 207 or by calling 620-341-5523.

**An Entrepreneurship Minor is awarded to students who complete the prescribed credit as indicated above.  Six of these credit hours are part of the Business Core.  A major in the School of Business will need only four additional courses to complete the Entrepreneurship Minor.

Note:  Any transfer student receiving a minor in Entrepreneurship at ESU must have a minimum of nine (9) credit hours of upper-level work in Entrepreneurship at Emporia State University.

Note:  All prerequisites must be met.  Students seeking an Entrepreneurship Minor are strongly urged to discuss their course choices with a management or marketing faculty member to gain a better understanding of the content of available courses with respect to the needs and interests of the individual student.

Rev:  4/1/13