Business Education

We will prepare you to teach business and computer subjects (general business, entrepreneurship, accounting, business law, personal finance, office procedures, keyboarding, computer applications, desktop publishing) at the middle and secondary school levels. And you will be prepared to mold generations of leaders that will help create a business climate for the common good.

  • Emporia State is one of the few Kansas universities graduating licensed business teachers.
  • Our School of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), a distinction held by less than 5% of business schools worldwide.
  • Combine the AACSB with our top-ranked Teachers College and it its renowned student teaching program, and you will be a highly sought after teacher.


1. Acquire proficiency in core skills necessary for academic success.

A. Communication in Writing (6 hours):
EG 101Composition I3 hours
EG 102Composition II3 hours
B. Communication in Speaking (3 hours):
SP 100Interpersonal Communication3 hours
SP 101Public Speaking3 hours
Business, Elementary/Secondary Education, and Nursing majors must select:
SP 101Public Speaking3 hours
C. Mathematical Reasoning (one course):
MA 110College Algebra3 hours
MA 111College Algebra with Review5 hours
MA 156Principles of Mathematics3 hours
MA 160Functions of Calculus3 hours
MA 161Calculus I5 hours
MA 165Basic Calculus5 hours
Business and Information Resources Studies majors must complete one of the following:
MA 110College Algebra3 hours
MA 111College Algebra with Review5 hours
MA 161Calculus I5 hours
MA 165Basic Calculus5 hours
Education majors must select one of the following:
MA 110College Algebra3 hours
MA 111College Algebra with Review5 hours
MA 161Calculus I5 hours
D. Information Technology (one course):
CS 301Fluency with Info Technology3 hours
IS 110/113Intro to Micro Computer App/Lab0/3 hours
UL 100Info Literacy and Technology2 hours
An approved technology course in the discipline2-3 hours
Business/Business Education majors must take:
IS 113Intro to Micro Computer Applications3 hours
Elementary Education/Secondary Education majors must take:
IT 325Instructional Technology for Educators3 hours

2. Demonstrate knowledge of concepts and principles in a wide range of academic disciplines including:

A. The Creative Arts (one course):
AR 105 Art Appreciation 2 hours
AR 225Art History I3 hours
AR 235Art History II3 hours
MU 226Music Appreciation2 hours
MU 326Focus on Fifteen Classical Music Composers3 hours
TH 105Theatre Appreciation2 hours
Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music majors choose two courses, one course from two different areas.
All Art majors choose AR 225 and one course from each of the other two areas.
B. Humanities (6 hours):
Select two courses, one each from any two of the following three areas:
HI 101World Cultures to 15003 hours
HI 102Modern World Civilizations3 hours
HI 111U.S. History to 18773 hours
HI 112U.S. History since 18773 hours
HI 302Introduction to History3 hours
Literature/Mass Media
EG 207Literary Perspectives3 hours
JO 200Mass Communications3 hours
PI 225Introduction to Philosophy3 hours
PI 301Ethics3 hours
PI 325Social and Political Philosophy3 hours
Elementary and Secondary Education majors choose one history course (Music Education may choose MU 329 Music History II to fulfill the history requirement) and one course from either of the other two areas.
Nursing majors choose either PI 225 or PI 301 and one history course.
C. The Life Sciences (4 hours):
GB 100General Biology3 hours
GB 101General Biology Laboratory1 hour
Biology Majors and Nursing Majors
GB 140/141Principles of Biology/Lab3/1 hours
Elementary Education Majors (both courses)
GB 100General Biology3 hours
GB 303Field and Lab Biology3 hours
D. The Physical Sciences (one course & one lab):
CH 110/111Introduction to Chemistry/Lab4/1 hours
CH 123/124Chemistry I/Lab3/2 hours
ES 110/111Introduction to Earth Science/Lab4/1hours
PH 110/111Introduction to Space Science/Lab4/1 hours
PH 140/141College Physics/Lab3/2 hours
PH 190/191/192Physics I/Lab3/1/1 hours
E. Social and Behavioral Sciences (two courses, one from any two areas):
EC 101Basic Economics3 hours
BC 103Principles of Economics I3 hours
GE 200Introduction to Geography3 hours
Political Science
PO 100Intro to Gov and Political Science3 hours
PO 121American National Government3 hours
PO 322State and Local Gov and Politics3 hours
PY 100Introduction to Psychology3 hours
SO 101Introduction to Sociology3 hours
SO 202Social Problems3 hours

3. Demonstrate knowledge of similarities and differences among the world’s cultures, past and present:

Select two courses, one from any two of the following five areas:
AN 210 Contemporary Cultures3 hours
Ethnic and Gender Studies
ID 301 Issues in Ethnic and Gender Studies3 hours
GE 101 World Regional Geography3 hours
GE 454 Cultural Geography3 hours
Political Science
PO 330 International Relations3 hours
Modern Languages
AB 110 Arabic Lang and Culture I5 hours
AB 210 Arabic Lang and Culture II5 hours
AS 110 Chinese Lang and Culture I5 hours
AS 210 Chinese and Lang and Culture II5 hours
FR 110 French Lang and Culture I5 hours
FR 210 French Lang and Culture II5 hours
GR 110 German Lang and Culture I5 hours
GR 210 German Lang and Culture II5 hours
SA 110 Spanish Lang and Culture I5 hours
SA 210 Spanish Lang and Culture II5 hours
One Advanced Level (200 or above)
Modern Language Course3/4 hours

4. Demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary for promoting personal and social well-being

Select two courses:
BU 241Personal Finance3 hours
BU 293Ethics, Social Responsibility & Sustainability3 hours
LR 170Principles of Leadership3 hours
HL 150Critical Issues and Decisions in Hlth3 hours
PE 100Active Living1 hour
SO 261Intimate Relationships3 hours
Bachelor of Science in Education - Secondary Education
Option A -- Two Teaching Fields
Two teaching fields requiring no less than the minimum standards of the Kansas State Department of Education and no more than 36 hours. Students may elect courses beyond the 36 hour maximum, but may not be required to take such courses. Under the two-field option, the total semester hours needed to meet degree requirements may exceed the minimum of 124 hours.
Option B -- One Teaching Field
One teaching field, or area of concentration, of (1) no fewer than 35 semester hours and no more than 50 hours, and (2) in addition, no more than 20 semester hours in a related field or fields may be required. The total of (1) and (2) shall not exceed 70 semester hours.
General education courses may be included in the required programs if departments wish to do so. Students may elect courses beyond the 70 hour maximum but may not be required to take such courses.
Each department which prepares students for secondary teaching has developed a program of courses to be taken by students who choose to follow Option A or Option B. The student may obtain a copy of this program from the department.
To be completed before admission to Phase I
ED 220Introduction to Teaching2 hours
PY 211Developmental Psychology3 hours
MA 225Math as a Decision Making Tool3 hours
MA 161Calculus I5 hours
To be completed before admission to Phase II
EL 416Teaching Reading in Secondary Schools2 hours
SD 550Survey of Exceptionality3 hours
Phase I courses—taken concurrently
ED 333Principles of Secondary Education4 hours
ED 334Classroom Management3 hours
ED 332Educational Psychology2 hours
Phase II courses—taken concurrently
LE 487Student Teaching Secondary (Or equivalent student teaching credit)12 hours
ED 431Professional Relations of Teachers2 hours
Licensure Testing
During the Student Teaching Semester (or before applying for licensure), the student must pass the Principles of Learning and Teaching Exam and content area exam(s).
Bachelor of Science in Education - Business Education
AC 223Accounting for Operating Activities3 hours
BU 301Leadership Communications3 hours
BU 353Principles of Business Law3 hours
MG 301Principles of Management3 hours
MK 301Principles of Marketing3 hours
BE 344Office Systems Applications3 hours
BE 473Business Curriculum & Teaching Methods3 hours
IS 213Management Info Systems Concepts3 hours
IS 373Principles of Electronic Commerce3 hours
MG 370Small Business Management3 hours
Electives0-6 hours
Professional Education36-38 hours
Total66-74 hours
For a complete list of General Education and other degree requirements, please refer to the course catalog here.