B. S. in Business - Business Administration Major – International Business Concentration

Advisement Checklist

Fall 2015 Catalog

 The business administration major provides the student with a broad preparation in business including accounting, business law, e-commerce, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, information systems, international business, management, marketing, marketing communications, quantitative methods, and sales management. This major produces a business generalist with the flexibility to qualify for entry-level employment in corporations, small businesses, non-profit institutions, and government. 

I. UNIVERSITY GENERAL EDUCATION PROGRAM                                                                             48 - 55


School of Business

AC 223

Accounting for Operating Activities



BC 104 Principles of Economics II (3)
Requirements BU 140 Business Dynamics and Professionalism (3)
IS 213 Management Information Systems Concepts (3)
AC 233 Managerial Accounting I (3)
IS 253 Business Technology Modeling (3)
BU 255 Business Statistics (3)
BU 301* Leadership Communication (3)
FI 301* Financial Management (3)
MG 301* Principles of Management (3)
BU 353* Principles of Business Law (3)
MK 301* Principles of Marketing (3)
MG 423* Operations Management (3)
MG 473* Business Policy & Strategy** (3) 42

*   Minimum of “C” grade required to fulfill BSB and major/minor program requirements

** Concurrent enrollment required in BU 099 – Major Field Test in Business (No Credit)



                 A.   Required Concentration Courses:                                                                                  12 hours

BU 550* Legal Environment of International Business   (F) (3)
FI 433* International Finance (F) (3)
MG 433* International Management (S) (3)
MK 433* International Marketing (S) (3) 12

B.    Required Major Courses- 12 hours - Please refer to advisement checklist for this list of courses. 

           *   Minimum of “C” grade required to fulfill BSB and major/minor program requirements

 C.      Two semesters of foreign language (5 hours should be used to meet General Education Multicultural Perspective requirement, 10)     

 D.  Select one course from the following: 

SP 350 Intercultural Communication (3)
PO 425 Politics of the Developing Areas (3)
PO 427 Government and Politics of Latin America (3)
HI 300 Topics in World History (3) 3


IV. ELECTIVES – (0-3 hours)                                                                                                              0 - 3

 TOTAL REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION                                                                                               124-129


Please see your advisor for assistance and course selection that best complements your learning or career goals.

A minimum of 45 hours of upper division (300 level or above) courses are required.