Accounting provides much of the information managers need to make decisions concerning business, governmental units, and not-for-profit organizations.  Accounting generates information about an organization’s resources, the source of those resources, and how effectively the resources have been used.

Why Study Accounting?

Why is accounting important? Keep in mind that it wasn't the police who discovered the ganster Al Capone was behind the St. Valenitne's Massacre and thus put him in jail. It was an accountant who painstakingly researched Capone's transactions and found his tax violations that did the trick.

To put it simply: without accounting and ethical accountants, businesses couldn't grow and prosper. Accounting is the language of finance, and accountants are the soldiers on the fornt lines of financial success. They provide businesses with the data that determines the financial health of an organization and help inform solid business decisions.

Program of Study

ESU offers an accounting major within the Bachelor of Science in Business degree program plus a minor for those students majoring in areas other than accounting. An accounting concentration is available at the graduate level as part of the MBA program. The accounting concentration can be used in satisfying the 150-hour requirement for admission to the CPA Exam.

Professional Certification

Over the years, ESU's accounting graduates have compiled an outstanding record of performance on the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination. The accounting program provides students with the technical skills and competencies needed to sit for professional examinations such as CPA and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exams.

Other Opportunities

Opportunities outside the classroom are as valuable as academic experiences. The ESU Accounting Club and Beta Alpha Psi, a national honorary society:

  • broaden your understanding of the accounting profession
  • create a close relationship among accounting students
  • help you meet successful accountants

Both organizations sponsor a wide range of activities each year, including field trips, presentations by accountants, picnics, and a Christmas party. The highlight of the year is the Spring Banquet during which outstanding students receive scholarships and are recognized for their contributions to the university. The best accounting students academically are recognized at the annual banquet.


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