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Mr. Larry Falcetto
Associate Professor of Accounting
Interim Chair
Emporia State University


2012-2013 Catalog

The accounting program is designed to prepare students for careers in public, private or governmental accounting. An accounting internship program is an optional experience available to majors as well.

Degree Pattern for Accounting Majors:

General Education  48-55 hours*
Business Core Requirements  36 hours
Accounting Major Requirements  24 hours
Electives (Eleven of these hours must be in non-business courses.)  9-16 hours
   124 hours


Business Core Requirements (36 hours):

BC 104 Principles of Economics II 3 hours
IS 213 Mgmt Info Systems Concepts 3 hours
AC 223 Financial Accounting 3 hours
AC 233 Managerial Accounting I 3 hours
BU 255 Business Statistics 3 hours
BE 301 Business Communications 3 hours
FI 301 Fundamentals of Financial Mgmt 3 hours
MG 301 Principles of Management  3 hours
BU 353 Legal Environment of Business 3 hours
MK 301 Principles of Marketing 3 hours
MG 423 Operations Management 3 hours
MG 473 Business Policy*                                             3 hours


*Concurrent enrollment required in BU 099-Major Field Test in Business (No Credit)


Accounting Courses Required (24 hours):

AC 302 Professional Development & Leadership for ACC Majors  2 hours 
AC 304 Intermediate Accounting I 4 hours
AC 313 Intermediate Accounting II 3 hours
AC 333 Cost Accounting 3 hours
AC 353 Accounting Information Systems                     3 hours
AC 413 Auditing 3 hours
AC 423 Federal Income Tax Accounting I 3 hours
  At least one 500 level Accounting Course 3 hours


Electives (9-16 hours):

Electives must include a minimum of 11 hours of non-business courses. Non-business courses may include an additional 3 hours of economics and/or statistics.

*If Personal Finance is taken, an additional 3 hours of non-business courses are required.

A minimum of 62 hours of the 124 hours needed for graduation must be in non-business courses. For this computation, up to 9 hours of economics and 6 hours of statistics are considered to be non-business.