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School of Business

Outstanding Alumni-2012

Cory M. Haag

Director of Operations

Haag Management
Emporia, KS

Kurt Breitenbach Photo 


Cory Haag is Director of Operations for Haag Management, Inc., in Emporia, a family-owned business specializing in the development of college, residential and senior housing. Haag has worked to develop quality properties throughout the Emporia area. Notable examples include the 2008 development of Granada Plaza and Lofts in downtown Emporia, part of a revitalizing project that has brought new commercial businesses and residential loft apartments to the downtown area. in 2011, he oversaw the development of another downtown project, the Kellogg Plaza and Lofts across the street from Emporia State University. He continues to work with local businesses and organizations to help redevelop downtown properties and housing options around the university.