Core Values, Vision, Mission, and Goals


Core Values

High Quality – we value intellectual challenges, acquisition of knowledge, problem solving, and creative and critical thinking.
Ethics – we value personal integrity, accountability to others, compliance with laws, and social responsibility.
Respect – we value collaboration, human diversity, trustworthiness, freedom of thought, and freedom of expression.
Commitment – we value engagement with the individual student, the School, the University, and the global community and environment we serve.


The School of Business will provide high-quality professional education to assist students in developing their full potential as global citizens. It will engage in research and service to support this vision.

Mission Statement

The School of Business prepares a diverse student body for successful careers by offering high-quality professional business programs in a student-centered learning environment. As a teaching institution enriched by management practice-related and pedagogical scholarship and service, the School primarily serves undergraduate students while offering strategically-focused graduate programs.


  1. To develop and deliver high-quality undergraduate business programs built upon an academic foundation in arts and sciences and strategically-focused graduate business programs.
  2. To prepare students for successful professional careers through developing their knowledge and skills.
  3. To recruit, develop, and maintain faculty who pursue teaching excellence, scholarship, and service to the profession.
  4. To provide a culture of intellectual inquiry that promotes an awareness of global issues, ethics, and social responsibility.
  5. To promote effective engagement among individual students and the School, the University, and the global community.