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School of Business

School of Business Dean's List Fall 2013



Assad Alfaraj Information Systems Ahmed Al-Sereeh Accounting
Ibrahim Alturki Information Systems Blake Curtis Informatoin Systems
Kristi Bretches Accounting Matthew Haefele Accounting
Brynna Demotte Accounting Kayla Lansing Accounting
Jessica Dhority Business Education Alexander Larson Accounting
Erin Fuchs Business Administration Miranda Mai Business Administration
Matthew Grado Business Administration Beauty Mangwiro Accounting
Kira Hall Computer Science David Morton Computer Science
Kendra Haller Management Sierra Taylor Accounting
Tyler Jolliff Computer Science Betsy Teegardin
Adam Just Marketing
Preston Mossman Business Administration
Yuichi Nemoto Information Systems
Laura Patrick Marketing
Andrew Polly Management
Ryan Randolph Computer Science
Nicole Rottinghaus Marketing
Jessica Smith Computer Science
Jason Suptic Computer Science
Bruce VanCleave Management
Vanessa Velez Business Administration
Tongyu Wang Marketing
Eric Wietharn Accounting
Jacob Williams Information Systems
Glen Wise Business Administration
Joshua Wright Accounting
Jinhyuk Yan Business Administration



Lindsey Carter Business Administration Shane Garrison Accounting
Crystal Holly Business Administration Tawni Griffey Accounting
Marcus Houghton Business Administration Kristina Johnson Accounting
Chelsea Ingram Accounting Bryan Jones Business Administration
Oscar Lemus Accounting Yun Ma Business Administration
Min Lin Accounting Chelsea Oberle Business Administration
Page Lindstrom Business Administration
Yanzhen Pan Accounting
Derek Parris Business Administration
Ziyan Qu Business Administration
Casey Teichmann Accounting
James Whitaker Computer Science
Jing Zeng Accounting
Anna Zimmerman Business Administration

Semester Honor Roll

The semester honor roll has the following characteristics and requirements:

  1. To qualify for the Semester Honor Roll, undergraduate and second bachelor students must earn a minimum 3.80 semester grade point average in at least 12 graded hours. The Semester Honor Roll is determined in the Spring and Fall terms only.

  2. Only letter grades of A, B, C, D, or F have an impact on grade point average.

  3. The words "Honor Roll" will appear on the student's semester grade report and on the semester academic record. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for determining who is included in the honor roll.