School of Business Dean's List Fall 2014


Name Major Name Major
Alfaraj, Assad Mansor Information Systems Medlin, Jessica L. Business Education
Alturki, Ibrahim Information Systems Mossman, Preston Charles Business Administration
Andrews, Gabriel Marketing Nemoto, Yuichi Information Systems
Batman, Brady Stewart Business Administration Olaonipekun, Oladipo Information Systems
Bretches, Amy N. Computer Science Patrick, Laura Beth Marketing
Chen, Hailin Accounting Rottinghaus, Nicole Ann Marketing
Clewell, Scott D. Information Systems Smith, Jessica May Computer Science
Frey, Brett Michael Management Suptic, Jason Robert Computer Science
Germann, Marissa Kay Marketing Swalley, Robert Tyler Business Education
Hall, Kira Danelle Computer Science Thompson, Kimberly Lynn Business Administration
King, Matthew Scott Business Administration Wietharn, Eric Joseph Accounting
Lawrence, Davian Joseph Information Systems Wietharn, Joseph M. Management
Lin, Min Accounting Wilson, Karson Taylor Marketing
Mack, Christina Mae Business Administration Wright, Joshua Andrew Accounting
Mai, Miranda M. Business Administration Zeng, Jing Accounting
Mangwiro, Beauty Accounting


Name Major Name Major
Geissert, Dylan Andrew Business Administration Teichmann, Casey Michelle Accounting
Lansing, Kayla L. Accounting Thurman, Taner Nolan Business Administration
Lemus, Oscar Armando Accounting Tunks-Jones, Alice Marie Business Administration
Morton, David Alexander Computer Science Zimmerman, Anna Marie Business Administration
Pan, Yanzhen Accounting


Name Major Name Major
Garrison, Shane F. Accounting Johnson, Kristina Leigh Accounting
Gray, Cortez Curtis Computer Science Jones, Bryan Scott Business Administration
Griffey, Tawni Cristine Accounting Klema, Alexandria Christine Business Administration
Hays, Payton Alan Business Administration Ma, Yun Business Administration
Henry, Jamie Beth Business Administration Oberle, Chelsea Denae Business Administration
Houghton, Marcus M. Business Administration Prudencio, Digo Business Administration
Ingram, Chelsea Rene Accounting Vincent-Aparicio, Itzia Business Administration
Johnson, Erica N. Business Administration


Name Major Name Major
Al Nouri, Moaz Business Administration de Simon, Davide Business Administration
Al Hany, Mahdi Nazeer Business Administration Sadique, Farhan Akhtar Business Administration
Aldossary, Ayad Fahad Computer Science Torres, Amaris Adriana Business Administration
Alfaraj, Ahmed Mansour Information Systems
Almutairi, Sakhr Information Systems

Semester Honor Roll

The semester honor roll has the following characteristics and requirements:

  1. To qualify for the Semester Honor Roll, undergraduate and second bachelor students must earn a minimum 3.80 semester grade point average in at least 12 graded hours. The Semester Honor Roll is determined in the Spring and Fall terms only.

  2. Only letter grades of A, B, C, D, or F have an impact on grade point average.

  3. The words "Honor Roll" will appear on the student's semester grade report and on the semester academic record. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for determining who is included in the honor roll.