Tuition Payment Options


Enhanced Online Features Tutorial

The University offers several enhanced online features through the student’s Buzz In account. A tutorial with the following items can be found at the above link:

1) Pay your student account balance

2) View your bill online

3) Add third-party authorized users to your student fee account (i.e. parents, spouses, guardian)

4) Set up direct deposit of excess funds for ANY bank account

Options for Paying Tuition

The University accepts cash and checks at Cashiering Services and student accounts on the first floor of Plumb Hall.

Tuition and fees may be paid on-line through the student’s Buzz In account with a webcheck or credit card.

VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are accepted credit cards.

Credit/Debit card transactions will be assessed a convenience fee of 2.75% ($3.00 minimum). This fee can be avoided by using cash, check or webcheck.

International students can make a payment from their home country or the U.S., often in their own currency, by going to

Extended Payment Agreement (Fall and Spring)

The University makes available an Extended Payment Agreement for account balances. Under this plan, students make a $150 account payment by the 5th day of class. This down payment, which can include financial aid, will retain the student’s class schedule. If a student can not pay the account balance in full by the fifth day of class, a $50 administrative fee will be applied to the account for an automatic payment extension to the 20th class day. If charges are not paid on or before the first extension, an additional $50 administrative fee will be automatically applied for an additional extention to the 35th class day. Any account balance remaining after the second payment extension is considered past due. A late fee of $50 will be assessed each month the balance remains outstanding.   An Extended Payment Agreement can be completed in person or obtained on-line at The form must be completed and returned to the Office of Cashiering Services prior to the 5th day of class.

Title IV Authorization

Federal student financial aid can only cover “institutional charges” as defined by the U.S. Department of Education.  This definition includes current year charges for tuition and fees, and on-campus room and board.  It also includes other fees, such as:  lab fees, workshops, university registration fees, facilities usage fees, and other specialized departmental or college fees associated directly with taking a class.  Unless authorization is received, federal financial aid cannot be used to cover non-institutional charges such as: parking fines, library fines, breakage fees, returned check fees, application fees for short-term installment plans or any charges not directly tied to taking a class.

The only way federal student aid funds can be used to pay for “non-institutional charges” is to obtain your written authorization to pay those charges.  This form will allow Cashiers & Student Accounts to apply your federal financial aid to your non-institutional charges.


Third Party Billings

For payments that are to be made by another party (VA, Dept for Children and Families, employer, etc.), please contact Cashiers & Student Accounts at 620-341-5287. 

For questions concerning payment options, contact Cashiers & Student Accounts at 620-341-5287.


Consumer Infomation

Institutions that participate in the Federal Student Aid programs must disclose certain consumer information in compliance with the Department of Education's Consumer Information Act, the Student-Right-to-Know Act, and the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

Although every effort is made to present the most accurate, helpful and up-to-date information, the content of this information is subject to change due to alterations in federal, state, or college policy and procedure.

*A printed version of this document may be obtained in the Office of Student Financial Aid, Office of Admissions, or the Registration Office