Special Fees
Academic Year 2014-2015

Comprehensive Fee Schedule (PDF)

Extended Payment Agreement Charges
Penalty for Late Payment of Fees
Parking Fees
Physical Education Building Facility Use Fees     
Other Special Fees

Extended Payment Agreement (for eligible students)

Fall/Spring Semester  
       5th Class Day - $150 account down payment due  
       5th Class Day $50
       20th Class Day $50
       35th Class Day- account balance due in full  


Penalty for Late Payment of Fees

Fall/Spring Semester: Undergraduate students must be paid in full or make the $150 account down payment by the 5th day of class in order to retain the student’s class schedule. Graduate students (including non degree seeking graduate students) will NOT BE DROPPED from class for non-payment of tuition and fees.  If a student can not pay the account balance in full by the 5th day of class, a $50 administrative fee is applied for an automatic payment extension. If charges are not paid on or before the due date, an additional $50 administrative fee will be added to the account to automatically extend the payment due date. All account balances are considered past due after the second payment extension.

The first official day of the semester is identified in the Academic Calendar.  Monthly billing statements will be delivered via e-mail to students with unpaid balances.  Late fees will be charged monthly if balance is unpaid by the due date indicated on the billing statement.

Late fees $50 monthly

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Parking Fees
Permit for 
Gold lots $125 $95 $55
Orange lots 95 65 40
Violet lots 75 50 30
Gray lots 50 30 NC
Green lots 75 50 30
Brown lots 95 65 40
M lots 10 10 10


Parking Misuse Fees*   
Handicap  $50
Orange Lot 25
Gold Space 25
Fire Zone 25
No Parking 25
Green Lot 15
Violet Lot 15
Gray Lot 10
Service Vehicle 10
Backwards in the stall 10
Parking over white lines 10
Against the flow of traffic 10
Improper use of permit 10
Expired Meter 5
Immobilized 25
*A $5.00 late fee is added to each citation after 14 days. 


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Physical Education Building Facility Use Fees*

Facility Reservation Fees Hourly
     Gymnasium $30
     Swimming pool $30
     Classrooms $15
     Dance studios $15
Outdoor Reservation Fees Hourly
     Tennis courts (per court fee) $10
     Soccer field $20
     Practice field $20
     Softball field $20
Student Recreation Center  
     Exclusive use (campus affiliates only) $50/hour (minimum charge)
Student Recreation Center Fees  
     ESU Alumni $16.35/mo
     ESU Employees $10.50/mo
     ESU Students - Summer $10.50/mo
     Guest Fee - per day $4.00 (Tax Included)
     Guest Fee - 20 Visit Pass $40.00 (Tax Included)
     Guest Fee- Monthly $25.00/month + tax
Swimming Pool Fees  
     Adult (19 and over) $10.50/mo
     Children (18 and under) $8.50/mo
     Guest Fee - per day $2.00 (Tax Included)
*All Physical Education Building use fees subject to tax at current rate


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Other Special Fees

Application Fees  
     Undergraduate paper application fee $30
     Undergraduate online application fee $30
     Nursing Application Fee $25
     International student application processing fee $50


Graduate Application Fee (Nonrefundable)

     1st Time Degree/Certificate Seeking $40
     Returning New Degree/Dual Degree $20
     1st Time Licensure/Non-Degree Seeking $25
     Returning Licensure/Non-Degree Seeking $25
     Changing from Licensure/Non-Degree to Degree/Certificate Seeking $40
     Degree/Certificate Re-Admit $25
     1st Time PhD $50
     Returning PhD $25
     Graduate International student application processsing fee $75
Examination Fees  
     Advanced standing examination fee $5
Admissions Processing Fee $10
Hornet Connection (New Student Program)  
     Student Fee, Including 2 Guests or Parents  $80
     Each Additional Guest or Parent


     International Student Fee $200
Loans and related interest and charges
As appropriate when authorized
Study Abroad Programs  
     Courses not taught by ESU faculty will not have tuition and fees
     assessed. Courses taught ESU faculty will be assessed tuition and
     fees at the regular rates. Additional fees for study abroad programs
     will be assessed as follows:
     First Semester Study Abroad 200
     Second Consecutive Semeseter Study Abroad 100
     Short-Term Study Abroad (less than a semester) 50
Transcript Fee (per copy)  
     In Person  $8
     Mail $10
     By FAX  $12
     Transcript change fee $14
Reading and Academic Success Center  
     Less than one-half semester  $10
     One-half semester or more  $15
CAAP Test Administrative Fee  
     One Subject Area Tested
     Two Subject Areas Tested (taken on the same day)
     Three Subject Areas Tested (taken on the same day)
Commencement Fee (Nonrefundable)  
     Associate, Undergraduate or Graduate degree  $20
Student Health  Usage Fee (office visits)  
     Practioner/Physician Office Visit $50
     Students Paying Campus Priviledge Fees  
     Currently Enrolled $5
     Students Not Paying Campus Priviledge Fees  
     Currently Enrolled $50
     Not Currently Enrolled $50
Graduate Office Thesis Binding (see note)  
     One unbound copy (masters) $10
     One unbound copy (dissertation) $15
     Each additional copy                                               $25 plus point of destination sales tax
Return Check Fee (per check) $3
Non-Sufficient Fund Check (per check) $30
MBA Test-Out Fee (No Class Credit) $25
Strong Interest Test (includes tax) $8.16
COPS/CAPS Test (includes tax) $5.44
Career Services (see note)  
Alumni credentials service for 12 months from date of first request
Credentials service fee for mailing maximum of 10 sets of credentials $40
Note: If sets are ordered individually a fee will be charged.  
Student Identification Card $18
Library Fees  
     Fines for overdue books (per day) (maximum of $50.00) $0.30
     Interlibrary loan fines (per day) $1.00
     Course reserves fines       $1.00 first hour + $0.60/each additional hour 
     Laptop overdue fines (per hour) (maximum of $150.00) $5
     Lost laptop charges  
    Replacement Cost $1500
    Processing Fee $100
             Lost book charges (per book or item)*   Replacement cost + $25 processing fee
   *If book is no longer in print there may be additional charges  
Printing (SkyPrint) Fees
     First 100 Prints Free
     Cost per physical page printed (beyond 100) $.08
Copy Fees (per copy)  
     Library Services $.10
     ESU Archives $.10
     Scanning Fee (per page) $1
     Photocopy on photographic paper (per page) $5
Kansas Resident Library Use Card Annual Fee $15
Psychology Lab Fee                                                  Actual Cost of Supplies Needed  
Psychology Test Material Fee                            Actual Amount to Cover Cost of Tests  
Nursing Test Fee                                              Actual Amount to Cover Cost of Tests  
Nursing Pin Fee                                                       Actual Cost of Pin to University  
Nursing Lab Fee (per semester) $25
Art Supply Fee                                                         Actual Cost of Supplies Needed  
School of Business Fee (per credit hour) $3
Music Lessons (per credit hour) $65
Music Instrumentation Lab Fee (per course) $50
Music Fees   -See Department of Music Student Handbook for Detailed List of Charges  
Physical Education Supply Fee         Supply Fee up to $30 to cover Cost of Supplies  
Physical Science Lab Fee (per course)  $20
Biological Sciences Lab Fee (per course)  $20
Teacher Work Sample Fee (per scored work sample)  $60
Freshman Seminar Fee (per course) $20
Counselor Education Lab Fee* (per credit hour) $15
*Praticum and Internship Students in School Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Mental Health Counseling Programs 
Teachers College Special Course Fees (per course)
PY910 Internship in School Psychology I/Supervising Internships Costs $175
PY920 Internship in School Psychology II/Supervising Internships Costs $175
ED 893 Internship I/Supervising Internships Costs $125
ED 894 Internship II/Supervising Internships Costs $125
PY 807 MMPI/Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test Costs $15
PY 836 School Based Prevention and Intervention/course materials $55
School of Business Professional MBA Fee (per credit) $417
Loans and Related Interest and Charges                      (As appropriate when authorized)

Community Counseling Services Client Fees

The detailed schedule below is applicable to individual, couple or family counseling. A fee of $10 will be charged to clients in Group Counseling.

Household Income

$0 - $10,000

$10,001 - $20,000

$20,001 - $30,000

$30,001 - $40,000

$40,001 - $50,000

$50,001 +

Household Size











































Center for Early Childhood Education  
Student Rate*
Community Rate
1 - 3.0 years $27.00/day $29.00/day
3 - 6 years $23.00/day $25.00/day
Summer School Age
6 - 11 years $23.50/day $25.50/day

Full time staff members of the Center for Early Childhood Center will pay rates at a 20% discount of the Faculty/Community rate.

*Student rate applies to parent/guardian enrolled in at least 12 undergraduate hours, 9 hours in summer semester, or 6 graduate hours. Students enrolled in their final semester before graduating are an exception. Please inquire with the director if this situation applies. The student's current ESU class schedule must be on file in order to receive discount.

Reservation Deposit 
Required to reserve enrollment slot (refundable**)
Administrative Fee
Charge for additional copies of year-end account statement. One printed at no charge.
Late Payment Fee
Charge if payment is not received within 5 business days of due date.
Late Pickup Fee
Per minute rate after 5 minute grace. Begins at 5:36pm.

 Note: Center for Early Childhood Edcuation Fees & Deposit amounts are subject to change

Center for Early Childhood Education Fees and Deposit amounts are subject to change.

**Reservation deposit is refundable or applied to the next semester UNLESS:

     - You reduce your child’s scheduled enrollment hours at any time during the semester
     - You withdraw your child from school before the end of the semester (see Withdrawal Policy below)
     - You fail to pay your monthly tuition statement in full after the addition of late fees.

Please contact the Director of the Center for Early Chidhood Education for information regarding the deposit refund policy if withdrawal occurs before the semester starts and the overall withdrawal policy. Also, contact the Director for specific information concerning pick up and drop off service, late payment penalties and returned check policy, and fines for early drop off and late pick up times.

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