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Business Affairs


- Purchases with a total price of $5,000 and over, including shipping and handling, for an item or any given project (i.e., furniture for a room, promotional items needed for the semester, etc.) must be bid using the formal bid process. One of the following processes will be used to seek competitive bids: Request for Quote (RFQ), Invitation for Bid (IFB), or Request for Proposal (RFP). See definitions below.

- Forms available for RFQ, IFB or RFP can be obtained from the Purchasing Office, ext 5145 or from the following website:

- Orders shall not be split to avoid the $5,000 formal bid process. Order splitting is a violation of state law and University purchasing policies.

- Before any technology-related orders are sent to the vendors, regardless of purchasing method, TCS will need to review and approve purchases for conformance with University standards related to the institution's technology architecture and information security policies and procedures. TCS will be able to assist Departments with specifications, support issues, product recommendations and quotes. Technology-related items include but are not limited to the following: computer hardware, software, printers, scanners, Netbooks, iPads, cameras and related equipment or peripherals.

- The department will submit the appropriate bid form found at to Mixed case letters are preferred. Departments may notify the preferred vendor that bid information will be posted at

- The specifications will be used to publicly post a bid on the ESU Purchasing web site at . If a vendor provided the department with a quote prior to the bid, the vendor must submit their final bid to the ESU Purchasing Office by the bid closing date and time.

- Bids with an anticipated total of up to $25,000 will need to be posted to the ESU website for 3 business days. Bids with an anticipated total of $25,000 and above will need to be posted to the ESU website for 7 business days. Please allow a minimum total time of two weeks for bid submission under $25,000 and three weeks for bid submission $25,000 and above.

- After the bid closes, the Purchasing Office will send the bid responses and an Excel spreadsheet of the results to the department for review.

- NEVER disclose a vendor's quoted price to another vendor, even after the bid has been awarded. Information regarding the bid results can only be given to the vendors by the Controller's Office once the bid has been awarded. Additional information can be obtained by submitting a written request.

- The department will respond indicating whether they accept the low bid or provide a justification for not accepting the low bid. Tax clearance must be met before a bid will be awarded. Once the awarded vendor is determined, the department will update the Purchase Order with the awarded vendor, specified product and pricing information and route to the Business Office. The Purchasing Office will approve the PO for a second time, and fax the order to the vendor.

- All awarded bids or excepted purchases resulting in a contract, including click through agreements, must be reviewed and signed by an ESU official with contractual signature authority for the University. Certain contracts may also require external review and authorization. The University President is the authorized signatory for University contracts and may delegate this authority in writing with appropriate notice through the University General Counsel's Office to the State of Kansas and the General Counsel of the Kansas Board of Regents. While retaining general contractual signature authority, the University President has delegated general contractual signature authority to the Vice President for Administration & Fiscal Affairs and the Associate Vice President for Fiscal Affairs/Budget Director. Other similar or limited contract signature delegations by the President may also be in effect if properly authorized. Unless otherwise delegated, or excepted by law or University policy, the department head should complete a contract approval form,, and forward along with the contract or a copy of any Terms and Conditions that contractually bind the University, to the Associate Vice President for Fiscal Affairs/Budget Director for review and processing. The University Office of General Counsel is responsible for coordination and provision of the legal review of contracts and purchasing related issues. Once the contract has been properly executed, it should be attached to a purchase order and submitted to Purchasing.

- The invoice is sent to Accounts Payable.

- The Formal Bid Process can be waived for purchases such as sole source with approval of the Controller's Office. The form can be found on InfoPath as "Digital Prior Authorization Form".

- Contact the Purchasing Office at ext 5145 with any questions.

- One of the following processes will be used to seek competitive bids:

Request for Quotation (RFQ)
An RFQ is generally utilized when the supplies, materials, equipment, goods, property or services are to be acquired on a one-time basis.

Invitation for Bids (IFB)
An IFB is generally utilized when the supplies, materials, equipment, goods, property and services to be acquired will be provided via contract on a recurring basis over a specified period of time.

Request for Proposals (RFP)
Competitive Sealed Proposals are generally utilized when multiple factors exist that make it difficult or impossible to write a specification; terms and conditions that will allow an evaluation to be made as to determine the lowest responsive bid from a responsible bidder. Evaluations shall be based on the factors set forth in the RFP in order to determine which proposal(s) best meet(s) the needs of the University. A committee of no less than three individuals shall evaluate all proposals received. These three individuals shall include a member from the requesting department, the Controller and/or the Director of Purchasing and the Vice President for Administration and Finance or his designee.