Student Organizations

There are six student organizations associated with the Department of Biological Sciences. Many students join at least one of these organizations and some students become involved with several. This is an excellent opportunity to become involved with students who share your interests and to interact with fellow students and faculty outside the classroom. All of the organizations are quite active and together provide a very diverse set of activities and projects.

  • Biology Club -- Biology Club is open to all students who have an interest in Biology.

President -- Dylan Osterhaus    (
Vice-president -- Derek Wilson   ( 
Morgan Mueller  (
Ben Kerbs  (
Faculty sponsor -- Brenda Koerner   (


  • Caduceus Society -- Caduceus is open to all individuals who are interested in future careers in health-related fields.

President -- Jessica Carillo    (
Vice-president -- Julie Ma    (
Secretary -- Riley Stair   (
Treasurer -- Eric Anderson   (
Faculty sponsor -- Dwight Moore   (


  • Beta Beta Beta -- Tri-Beta is the honorary organization in Biology and membership is by invitation for sophomores and upper-division students with a 3.0 gpa in biology.

President -- Chris Alderman (
Vice President -- Emily Potucek (
Secretary -- Sarah Webb (
Treasurer -- Stephanie Schoeph (
Social Chair -- Ashlea Chapman (
Faculty sponsor -- Eric Yang   (
Faculty sponsor -- Melissa Bailey   (


  • Organization of Biology Graduate Students -- OBGS is open to graduate students with an interest in biology.

President -- Eric Wilson   (
Vice-president -- Nathan Holoubek  (
Treasurer -- Hamid Shanshanan (
Faculty sponsor -- William Jensen   (


  • ESU Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society -- The Wildlife Society is open to all students who have an interest in fisheries or wildlife.

President -- Tyler Thomsen   (
Vice-president (wildlife) -- Nathan True (
Vice-president (fisheries) -- Wesley Henson (
Treasurer -- Andrew Rutter (
Secretary -- Andrew Page (
Faculty sponsor -- William Jensen   (


  • ESU Marine Biology Club -- The Marine Biology Club is open to all students who have an interest in Marine Biology.

President -- Alison Meeth   (
Faculty sponsor -- Erika Martin   (