Full-time Faculty

  • Melissa Bailey, Ph.D., University of Alabama (Neurobiology, Physiology, Forensic Science)
  • Tim Burnett, Ph.D., University of Kansas (Immunology, Cell Biology)
  • Scott S. Crupper, Ph.D., University of Kansas (Microbiology, Cellular Biology)
  • David Edds, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University (Ichthyology, Aquatic Biology)
  • Stephen Fields, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma (Microbiology, Molecular Biology)
  • William E. Jensen, Ph.D., Kansas State University (Wildlife Conservation, Ornithology, Mammalogy)
  • Brenda Koerner, Ph.D., Arizona State University (Ecology, Biology Education)
  • David A. McKenzie, Ph.D., University of Wyoming (Botany, Ecology)
  • Dwight W. Moore, Ph.D., University of New Mexico (Genetics, Vertebrate Zoology)
  • Alexis Powell, Ph.D., University of Minnesota (Ecology, Evolution, Phylogenetics, Behavior, Zoology)
  • John Richard Schrock, Ph.D., University of Kansas (Biology Education, Entomology)
  • Lynnette M. Sievert, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma (Comparative Animal Physiology, Herpetology)
  • Marshall D. Sundberg, Ph.D., University of Minnesota (Plant Anatomy, Plant Morphology, Plant Development)
  • R. Brent Thomas, Ph.D., Mississippi State University (Physiology, Herpetology), Dean of College of Liberal Art and Sciences
  • Yixin "Eric" Yang, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University (Molecular and Cellular Biology, Microbiology), Department Chair

Faculty Emeritus

  • Thomas A. Eddy, Ph.D., Kansas State University (Entomology, Resource Management, Plant Taxonomy)

Biology Laboratory Coordinator

Part-time Faculty

  • Greg Sievert,  M.S., Eastern Kentucky University (Herpetology)