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Terri A. Abbett, 1994
Title: Avian density, diversity, and species richness in riparian corridors and shelterbelts of east-central Kansas.

Shahilon Abd-Halim, 1988
Title: Coldhardiness of cogongrass, Imperata cylindrica (L.) Beauv.

Samer AbuKakr, 2003
Title: Cadmium resistance in Staphylococcus sciuri.

Kevin J. Aldrich, 2000
Title: An investigation of factors influencing erythrocyte osmotic fragility among selected ectothermic and endothermic vertegrates.

Rami Al-khatib, 2003
Title: Anatomical changes during fruit ripening in two lines of Tabasco Pepper (Capsicum frutescens, Colanaceae).

Z. N. Al-Saadi, 1987
Title: Electron microscopy of the follicular envelope in fed and non-fed leopard frogs.

Glen K. Andrews, 1973
Title: A characterization of fish liver mitochondria from Pomoxis annularis.

Matthew R. Applegate, 1999
Title: Detection of Listeria monocytogenes in ground turkey and turkey frankfurters using ELISA, DNAH, and USDA protocols prior to, and following, exposure to ultracold temperatures.

James E. Arnwine, 1966
Title: An acquired serum resistance of E. coli after residence within rat peritoneal macrophages.

Dana M. Atkins, 1966
Title: A comparison of college biology grades of students with BSCS and conventional biology background.

Angela M. Babbit, 2003
Title: Metabolic and digestive parameters of Cope's Gray treefrog, Hyla chrysoscelis.

Kenneth C. Babcock, 1970
Title: Ecological factors, including the insecticide dasanit affecting soil arthropods in Brown County, Kansas.

Rhonda J. Baker, 1977
Title: Some aspects of rabbit ecology in Lyon County, Kansas.

Virleen Bailey, 1984
Title: Seasonal roadside ditch use by Microtus and Sigmodon.

Jay M. Barber, 1986
Title: Ecology of Topeka shiners in Flint Hills streams.

Judy F. Barber, 1986
Title: A comparative study of nitrogen forms in a tallgrass prairie and agricultural field.

William T. Barker, 1966
Title: Vascular flora of Woodson County, Kansas.

Rebecca S. Basgill-Rott, 1984
Title: A comparison study of the Autobac system and microdilution method for assessing antimicrobial combinations.

Duryee W. Baxter, 1951
Title: A study of the freshman objectives, the grades and the majors of general biology students at the Kansas State Teachers College from 1946 to 1950.

James H. Beam, Jr., 1972
Title: Growth rates of green sunfish, Lepomis cyanellus Rafinesque, in two Kansas streams.

Thomas Benenati, 2000
Title: Effects of plant density on chasmogamy and cleistogamy in Lespedeza cuneata (Fabaceae).

Alan K. Benear, 1980
Title: The effect of a renovated sewage treatment plant on the Cottonwood River, Kansas.

Byron E. Berger, 1982
Title: Winter food potential for brown creepers in Kansas.

Dick W. Birkholz, 1968
Title: The flora of Sumner County, Kansas,

David L. Blew, 1988
Title: Key to dorsal guard hairs of Kansas mammals.

Roger D. Blew, 1984
Title: Rhizosphere nitrogen fixation (C-b2-sH-b2-s reduction) associated with the major species of the tall grass prairie.

Virgil E. Boatwright, 1953
Title: Seasonal variations of small mammal populations in Lyon County State Park.

Kitty Sue Bobbitt, 1988
Title: Steroid levels sand gravid coloration in Crotaphytus collaris.

Roger L. Boyd, 1972
Title: Breeding biology of the snowy plover at Cheyenne Bottoms Management Area, Barton County, Kansas.

W. Ardon Brandyberry, 1959
Title: Construction and use of a science attitude scale for application at the high school level.

Gerald F. Bratton, 1974
Title: The role and allelopathic effects of Juglans nigra in old field succession.

Alan Brewer, 1975
Title: The effect of nalidixic acid on growth and nucleic acid synthesis in Candida albicans.

Alisa J. Bridge, 1987
Title: Effects of estrogen, antiestrogen, and feeding on egg maintenance in the leopard frog.

Merle E. Brooks, 1947
Title: A preliminary study of the crustacea of Lyon County State Lake, Lyon County, Kansas.

Daniel F. Brown, 1977
Title: Analysis of the fish fauna of Town Stream, Chautauqua County, New York.

William Brown, 1972
Title: Age determination of Kansas deer by annuli count.

James F. Bruce, 1988
Title: Genetic variation of the Topeka shiner, Notropis topeka, (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) in Kansas.

Gregory J. Bruner, 1983
Title: Coexistence strategies of daphnia in Lake Reading.

Mary C. Buehrer, 1980
Title: The effects of L-glutamate, mono-potassium salt on whole live spinach plants.

Angela G. Bulger, 1999
Title: Population structure, habitat use, and breeding behavior of the Neosho Madtom, Noturus placidus.

L. Buschman, 1966
Title: A study of flash communication in the firefly, Photuris divisia.

Carolee E. Bussjaeger, 1965
Title: Physical-chemical conditions in John Redmond Reservoir, June, 1964, to June, 1965.

Louis J. Bussjaeger, 1967
Title: A comparative study of the display and social behavior of some forms of the spinosus group of the iguanid lizard genus Sceloporus.

Thomas A. Cannon, 1971
Title: Fluctuations in population density and distribution of beaver on the Flint Hills Wildlife Refuge.

Belinda A. Carrillo, 1977
Title: Primary productivity in Gladfelter pond.

Jack L. Carter, 1954
Title: A study of the limonological characteristics and of the entomostraca in Lake Wooster following the application of rotenone.

Craig M. Cavanaugh, 1987
Title: Grass seeding old fields in Kansas.

Kennith B. Chance, 2002
Title: A telemetric study of winter habitat selection by the American bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana, in east-central Kansas.

Li-Hua Chen, 1997
Title: LDH activity and isozyme patterns in crayfish (Orconectes nais) under Conditions of seasonal change.

Esther L. S. Chui, 1972
Title: DDT effects on chicken liver function.

Randall J. Clark, 1976
Title: Cottontail rabbit ranges and movements in eastern Kansas.

Vickie E. Clark, 1984
Title: Mechanism of genetically endowed macrophage resistance.

John W. Clarke, 1973
Title: The specialized midventral gland of the eastern wood rat, Neotoma floridana osagensis.

Linda D. Clarke, 1982
Title: Display behavior of Leiocephalus (Iguanidae).

Robert F. Clarke, 1956
Title: An ecological study of reptiles and amphibians in Osage County, Kansas.

Kenneth Clayton, 1952
Title: Some phases of the winter ecology of some small mammals in a blue-stem, blue-grass meadow of Lyon county, Kansas.

Matthew D. Combes, 2003
Title: Mussel assemblages upstream from three Kansas reservoirs.

Kelly S. Conrad, 1995
Title: Value of eastern woodrat (Neotoma floridana) houses.

Charles W. Comer, 1969
Title: Winter activities of the slate-colored junco on the Ross Natural History Reservation.

Halsey H. Cook, Jr., 1956
Title: An annotated checklist of entomostraca in Wilson and Montgomery Counties, Kansas.

Gene F. Cota, 1985
Title: Lysolecithin induction of cell fusion.

Linda Cox, 1990
Title: Mycobacteria other than tuberculosis in Eastern Kansas water supplies.
Current Position: Microbiologist
Address: Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Manhattan, KS 66506

Michael A. Craig, 1996
Title: A comparison of three woodland habitats in east central Kansas.
Current Position:Assistant Professor
Address: Central College, McPherson, KS 67460

M. Steve Cringan, 1977
Title: Dragonflies and damselflies of McKinney Marsh.

Maureen L. Croak, 1969
Title: Inhibitional effects of Rhus glabra and Rhus aromatica on the native tall grass prairie in East Central Kansas.

H. W. Davies, 1958
Title: Winter plankton of a Kansas slough October 12, 1957 to May 21, 1958.

Bill D. Davis, 1961
Title: The interaction of indoleacetic acid and gibberellic acid on etiolated legume internodes.

Joseph Dean, 2003
Title: Karyotypic analysis of short-tailed shrews in (genus Blarina) in Northeastern Kansas.

Milton E. Demory, 1989
Title: Bordetella pertussis evaluation of rapid plasmid isolation procedures.

Jacqueline A. DeSanty, 2001
Title: Factors affecting habitat use by the fox squirrel (Sciurus niger rufiventer) in fragmented habitat of eastern Kansas.

John R. Diebolt, 1965
Title: The influence of oxygen on the production of dominant lethal mutations in Drosophila virilis oocytes.

Walai Dilogwathana, 1978
Title: Chickweed inhibition.

Ananda B. Diwaker, 1973
Title: Distribution and orientation of campaniform sensilla on the abdomen of the cockroaches Periplaneta americana and Blaberus cranifer.

Michael E. Douglas, 1992
Title: Isolation and identification of bacterial pathogens from zoo animal populations.

Virgil E. Dowell, 1952
Title: Vertical variations of limnological characteristics and entomostraca in Lake Wooster from November 1, 1951 to March 26, 1952.

Sondra A. Dubowsky, 1991
Title: Effects of testosterone on oviduct growth in the northern leopard frog (Rana pipiens).

Phillip Duerksen, 1987
Title: Soil seed banks: under native prairie and reseeded old fields.

Craig M. Dunn, 1982
Title: Some aspects of mayfly (Ephemeroptera: Stenonema) ecology in a Neosho River riffle, Lyon County, Kansas.

Frances E. Durbian, 1996
Title: Effects of successional stage and plant association on moist soil unit macroinvertebrates.

Arn W. Eccles, 1995
Title: Utilization of tallgrass prairie by pronghorn in winter and spring based on GIS techniques.

Donald R. Eccles, 1989
Title: An evaluation of survey techniques for determining relative abundance of river otters and selected other furbearers.

N. Leon Edwards, 1970
Title: The effect of feedlot runoff on community structure in the Cottonwood River, Kansas.

Fereshteh Eftekhar, 1975
Title: Transfection of heterologous and yeast spheroplasts with the infectious nucleic acids of bacterio-phage phi-X 174.

Salam Z. El-Agha, 1985
Title: Use of horseradish peroxidase to trace nerve cell connections in turtles.

Burt E. Eustace, 1980
Title: The limnology of Wyandotte County Lakes, Kansas.

Richard A. Everett, 1978
Title: Perisympathetic neurosecretion in the American cockroach: an electron microscopic study.

Dickson Ezeocha, 1977
Title: The role of temperature in determining the inhibitory activities of Ambrosia artemisiifolia, Ambrosia trifida, Bromus inermis and Helianthus annus on spring and winter wheat (Triticum abstiuum).

Moshen Fakhari, 1979
Title: A hemolytic relationship between Staphylococcus aureus and Proteus mirabilis on sheep red blood cells.

Shannon D. Fann, 2000
Title: Phylogenetic relationships derived from neonatal development in Peromyscus maniculatus, Sigmodon hispidus, and Mus musculus.

Hassan M. Felemban, 1982
Title: A comparative niche study of wintering woodpeckers.

Leo D. Figgs, 1972
Title: Analysis of the distribution of 14C-DDT in mice and its effects upon hepatic mitochondrial respiration.

Jessica A. Filosa, 1997
Title: Effects of aceytlsalicylic acid on blood viscosity in healthy rats (Rattus norvegicus).

Ronald D. Fitch, 1972
Title: Studies on the median nerve neurosecretory system in the cockroach, Periplaneta america.

Joyce F. Fleming, 1976
Title: Population dynamics of Physa anatina Lea in a natural spring community.

Brian E. Flock, 2002
Title: Landscape features associated with greater prairie-chicken lek locations in Kansas.

Heather D. Forster, 2002
Title: Territorial behavior in the salamander Plethodon albagula.

Stephen W. Forsythe, 1974
Title: Parasites of cottontail rabbits in Lyon County, Kansas.

Wade B. Fothergill, 1994
Title: Secondary succession in two abandoned landfills in east-central Kansas.

Lynne Fox-Parrish, 2002
Title: Attitudes and opinions of landowners and general citizens relative to the black-tailed prairie dog.

Glenn E. Francq, 1972
Title: Parental care of the eastern meadowlark (Sturnella magna).

Rolland N. Fraser, 1991
Title: Periphyton standing crops on natural and artificial substrates in a Flint Hills stream.

Jay L. Frazier, 1963
Title: A study of the feeding habits of bluegill and green sunfish.

Joe A. Frazier, 1977
Title: Unionid mussels of the Neosho River drainage.

L. Page Fredericks, 1994
Title: Genetic variation in insular populations of the eastern woodrat (Neotoma floridana) in a forest-prairie mosaic.

Benjamin J. Frey, 1992
Title: Fluctuating asymmetry in crayfish populations inhabiting lead and cadmium polluted aquatic systems.

Jennifer K. Frey, 1989
Title: Morphologic variation in the Mexican vole (Microtus mexicanus).

James M. Fry, 1976
Title: Susceptibility of two species of catfishes to cercariae.

Atsuko Fukuike, 1993
Title: Pregnenolone metabolism in developing follicles of the frog Rana pipiens.

Charles C. Fuller, 1961
Title: Observations of the behavior of the lizard Sceloporus undulatus in captivity.

Francis L. Funk, 1973
Title: Species diversity and relative abundance of benthic fauna, and related physicochemical features in John Redmond Reservoir, Kansas, 1971-72.

Melvin D. Fuqua, 1981
Title: Effects of paraquat on various stages of rainbow trout.

Linda C. Fuselier, 1993
Title: Habitat restoration and seasonal habitat use by Neosho madtoms (Noturus placidus), and spatio-temporal variation of fish assemblages in the Cottonwood River, Kansas.
Address: The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA 19103-1195

Debra Gamache, 1977
Title: The limnology of a campus pond.

David T. Ganey, 1998
Title: The diet of pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) in the tallgrass prairie.

Chad V. Gatlin, 1998
Title: Beaver in the Great Plains: habitat suitability index and flooding.

David P. Gillette, 2002
Title: Spatio-temporal patterns of fish assemblage structure and habitat use on gravel bars in the Neosho River, Lyon County, Ks.

David K. Goering, 1964
Title: The upland plover in the Flint Hills of Kansas.

Richard E. Goldenstein, 1967
Title: The taxonomy and distribution of water mites in Lyon County, Kansas.

Clyde E. Goulden, 1959
Title: Diurnal and seasonal variation in abundance of the Cladocera and Copepoda of the Verdigris and Fall Rivers and the affects of high-water levels on Entomostraca populations.

Charles Graves, 1963
Title: Structure of the cone Bowmanites reedae comb. nov.

Barbara L. Greer, 1973
Title: Factors affecting uptake and replication of vaccinia virus in peritoneal macrophages in vitro.

Robert J. Gress, 1976
Title: Cottontail rabbit mortality in Lyon County Kansas.

Susan J. Griffith, 1961
Title: The physical and chemical characteristics and occurrence of fauna in a new impoundment.

Gwendolyn Grindstaff, 1971
Title: An analysis of teacher questioning patterns.

William M. Grove, 1951
Title: A study of some limnological characteristics of Lyon County State Lake, 1947-1948.

Omaira J. de Guanipa, 1983
Title: Toxicity of nucleic acid bases on Drosophila cell cultures.

Edward F. Hadden, 1961
Title: Laboratory experiments with radiation for use in high school science courses.

Daniel E. Haines, 1983
Title: Discrimination and hybridization in Peromyscus.

Robert G. Hamilton, 1986
Title: Winter avian use of fragmented woodlands.

Robert M. Hankins, 1947
Title: A preliminary study of aquatic insects of Lyon County State Lake.

John B. Harclerode, 1979
Title: Affects of rooting hormones of African violet cuttings (Saintpaulia ionantha).

James M. Hardesty, 1994
Title: Results of transplanting advanced size largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) into El Dorado Reservoir.

Vernon L. Harms, 1959
Title: The anatomy and morphology of certain cordaites leaves.

Chris D. Hase, 1998
Title: The Effects of body size, season, and food type on food selection of eastern woodrats.

Larry A. Hauser, 1975
Title: The vascular flora of Greenwood County.

Tim Hayes, 1981
Title: A floristic analysis of Ross Natural History Reservation vegetative units.

J. Hays, 1967
Title: Effects of some drugs on the release of the corpus cardiacum cardioaccelerator hormone in Periplaneta americana.

Michael B. Heffron, 1989
Title: Bioenergetics of wintering greater prairie-chickens.
Current Position: Biology Instructor
Address: Department of Biology, Butler County Community College, 901 S. Haverhill Road, El Dorado, KS 67045
Phone: 316-322-3332

William F. Herzog, 1952
Title: Variations of limnological characteristics in Lake Wooster from October 4, 1951 to July 16, 1952.

Vincent Hesting, 1997
Title: Environmental correlates of cove fish assemblage structure in Melvern Lake, Kansas.

Charles S. Horner, 1977
Title: Some ecology of benthic insects in Gladfelter Pond.

Kembra L. Howdeshell, 1996
Title: Effects of estrogen on selected reproductive parameters of the male plains leopard frog, Rana blairi.

Mollie A. Humphries, 2006
Title: Impacts of small-scale habitat fragmentation on abundance and movments of Sigmodon hispidus and Microtus ochrogaster.

Randall W. Huston, 1975
Title: Internal temperature of fish as a function of environemtal temperature.

Thomas A. Hutton, 1975
Title: Establishment and testing of a radio telemetry system.

Misa Inomata, 1999
Title: 3-Hydroxyacyl-coa dehydrogenase activity in fasted crayfish (Orconectes virilis) hepatopancreas and flexor muscle tissues.

Paul G. Jantzen, 1959
Title: The ecology of a boggy marsh in Stafford County, Kansas.

Jay Jeffrey, 1995
Title: Spring movements, regional fidelity, and spawning of sauger (Stizostedion canadense) in Melvern Reservoir, Kansas, and the global positioning system for aquatic surveys.

Erick Jensen, 1990
Title: Effectiveness of a purported insect repeller.

Harold G. Jensen, 1974
Title: The effect of phytohemagglutinin on vaccinia replication in vitro.

Jennifer H. Jensen, 2001
Title: Landowner attitudes toward pronghorn in western Kansas.

William E. Jensen, 1999
Title: Nesting habitat and responses to habitat edges of three grassland passerine species.

Richard L. Jones, 1977
Title: Planktonic and benthic metabolism in Gladfelter Pond.

Elizabeth D. Jorgensen, 1992
Title: Home ranges of coyotes (Canis latrans) in the Flint Hills of Kansas and predation on pronghorn fawns.

Robert H. Kaiser, 1978
Title: The effect of inorganic phosphate on the production of non-volatile, aliphatic organic acids by Aspergillus wentii.

David A. Karr, 1978
Title: Isolation of the NIa protease gene in wheat infected with wheat streak mosaic virus.

Frederick H. Karre, 1969
Title: Species occurrence and population density of gastropods in eleven selected habitats on Wyoming Hill, Muscatine County, Iowa.

Fatah Kashanchi, 1986
Title: A comparative study of early events in resistant and susceptible macrophages infected with vaccinia virus.

Diana Sue Katz, 1978
Title: Pigment precursors in white clinical Serratia marcescens strains.

Megan E. Kearney, 2002
Title: Digestive paramenters of the eastern collared lizard, Crotaphytus collaris.

J. Grant Kehler, 1968
Title: Sense organs and reflexes through the abdominal nerve cord of the cockroach, Blaberus cranifer.

Lawrence J. Kennedy, 1971
Title: Variation in the density of pollution indicator bacteria in the Cottonwood River as related to feedlot runoff.

Eric Kessler, 1998
Title: Retreat-Site Selection by Diadophis punctatus and Carphophis vermis in Eastern Kansas.

Thomas M. Klein, 1984
Title:Organochlorine Residue in the Big Brown Bat, Eptesicus fuscus.

Carolyn S. Kliewer, 1989
Title: Pericentric inversions as a reproductive isolating mechanism in white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus).

Futoshi Kobayashi, 1992
Title: Characterization of oviductal aromatase in the northern leopard frog (Rana pipiens).

Eva S. Krug, 1966
Title: Mycostasis of Helminthosporium carbonum ullstrup.

Frank C. Kuhn, 1999
Title: Cloning and functional homology of secd within the Enterobacteriaceae.

Ngoni I. Kunonga, 1999
Title: Prevalence of the multiple antibiotic resistance operon (marRAB) in the genus Salmonella.

Mark E. LaBarge, 1990
Title: Muscle fiber types in a migratory and a non-migratory avian species.

Robert B. Landess, 1967
Title: Antibody production in Rana pipiens as influenced by ambient temperatures.

Steven K. Lange, 1970
Title: Seed germination in Polygonum longistylum L.

Roger L. Larson, 1974
Title: The effect of Simazine on Tripsacum dactyloides L.

William G. Layher, 1976
Title: Food habits and related studies of flathead catfish.

Donald R. Laue, 1972
Title: DDT and Methoxychlor Poisoning of Largemouth Bass.

Robert Brent Lee, 1997
Title: Acquisition of Listeria monocytogenes from powdered dairy products using ELISA and DNA gene probe assays prior to, and following, freezing of samples at -10 degrees C and -70 degrees C.

Sogolo L. Lebelo, 1998
Title: Effects of stress on blood viscosity and other blood parameters in striped bass (Morone saxatilis) (Walbaum).

Zhenqiang Li, 1996
Title: Isolation, characterization, and kinetics of mitochondrial F1-ATPase from crayfish, (Orconectes nais) gills.

Hua Liu, 1997
Title: Comparison of lactate dehydrogenase in simulated hibernating and active room temperature turtles (Trachemys scripta).

Tsai-Ying Liu, 2003
Title: The potential for house cricket, Acheta domesticus, to acquire, harbor and transmit human pathogens.

James K. Lohmeyer, 1972
Title: Behavior, ecology, growth, and interspecific relationships of the yellow and black bullheads.

Albert S. C. Lossinsky, 1974
Title: Ultrastructure analysis of a portion of the X-chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster.

Lawrence K. Magrath, 1969
Title: The vascular flora of Coffey County, Kansas.

Charles R. Maier, 1955
Title: Anatomy and morphology of vascular plants, a laboratory manual.

Charles B. Marchbanks, 1992
Title: Factors influencing muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) choice of farm ponds in the Flint Hills.

Pando Markuly, 1981
Title: Effects of plyometric and isokinetic exercise programs on vertical leaping ability.

Jana S. Matthews, 1978
Title: Comparison of alveolar and peritoneal macrophages in response to infection with vaccinia virus in vitro.

Katie M. McGrath, 1996
Title: Human influence on mammalian biodiversity of public lands in the United States.

Marilyn S. McGuire, 1973
Title: The toxic effect of vaccinia virus on rabbit peritoneal macrophages, in vitro.

Merril G. McHenry, 1965
Title: Nesting ducks of the Cheyenne Bottoms Waterfowl Refuge, Barton County, Kansas.

Jared W. McJunkin, 2002
Title: Wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) population growth in Kansas and the potential for regulation by enteric helminths.

James McLeod, 1951
Title: A study of seasonal changes in the population of certain birds near Emporia, Kansas, during 1950.

Darrell T. Meador, 1971
Title: A comparative study of individualized instruction with group instruction in the acquisition of specific behavioral objectives.

Michael D. Mealman, 1997
Title: The impact of holistic resource management and continuous season-long grazing on aquatic and riparian habitat.

C. S. Reddy Meka, 1993
Title: A Novel Role for the Cytokine Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor (GM-CSF) in the Induction of mRNA for Ovine Interferon Tau.
Current Position: Research Associate
Address: UroCor, Inc., 840 Research Parkway, Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Daryl W. Meierhoff, 1984
Title: The effects of Phytophagous insects on the production of seeds from Baptisia spp. and Astragalus crassicarpus in Lyon County, Kansas.

Paul L. Milks, 1982
Title: Ear/horn relationships of the pronghorn.

Arlo H. Millen, 1973
Title: The phagocytic activities of peritioneal macrophages of various mammalian species.

Gerald C. Miller, 1969
Title: Further studies on the induction of immune response with ribonuclease-sensitive fractions of immune monocytes.

Jacob H. Miller, 1975
Title: The vascular flora of Clark County, Kansas.

Richard E. Miller, 1990
Title: Effect of rock salt on populations of Lepomis in small stream habitats.

Gregg N. Milligan, 1983
Title: A proposed mechanism for the inhibition of vaccinia virus by mouse macrophages.

Marc A. Minear, 1999
Title: Biotic and abiotic factors of borrow pits in Lyon County, Kansas.

Kenneth W. Minter, 1952
Title: Horizontal distribution of entomostraca and limnological conditions in Lake Wooster from Nov. 15, 1951 to April 23, 1952.

Kristen J. Mitchell, 1997
Title: Shorebird usage of a reclaimed wetand on the Central Great Plains.

Ratan K. Mohta, 1968
Title: A study of some carboniferous marattialean fructifications.

Cindy M. Moore, 2000
Title: Temperature-mediated characteristics of the dusky salamander (Desmognathus fuscus) of Southern Appalachia.

Jamie Morrissey, 1991
Title: Heavy metals in an intermittent stream below a landfill: concentrations in water, sediment, crayfish and fish.

Richard B. Morrow, Jr., 2008
Title: Effects of meal size, meal composition, diel cycle, and season on oxygen consumption in the ornate box turtle, Terrapene ornata ornata.

Mbalanda M. Mpwo, 1989
Title: Intracellular mechanisms of innate resistance to vaccinia virus.

Darrel L. Murray, 1960
Title: The effects of temperature and light on locomotor activity of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana L.

Bartholomew I. Muruli, 1971
Title: Effect of temperature on uptake and upward translocation of phosphorus in wheat.

Noboru Nakamichi, 1980
Title: In vitro tracer study of a chemical carcinogen.

Michael Nelson, 1980
Title: The vascular flora of Doniphan County, Kansas.

Gaylin L. Nickell, 1969
Title: Seed germination in polygonum.

Dorothy M. Nickless, 2001
Title: Growth conditions affecting the expression of amylase in Bacillus species.

Joseph M. Njau, 2005
Title: Hormonal replacement therapy reduces b-amyloid toxicity : an Alzheimer's disease treatment model.

Nang K. Noam, 1998
Title: Remote sensing and tree-ring study of forest condition in Northeastern Kansas

Michael L. Nulty, 1974
Title: Ecology of caddis flies of a Neosho River riffle.

Brian Obermeyer, 1996
Title: Unionidae (Bivalvia) of the Arkansas River system of SE Kansas and SW Missouri: species of concern, historical change, commercial harvest, and sampling methods.

Grand Odokara, 1985
Title: Roles of baker's yeast and brewer's yeast in supporting development of Drosophila.

Michael S. O'Donnell, 1972
Title: A qualitative and quantitative study of the prominent phenolic compounds of Cannabis sativa L. and its ecological significance.

Jeffery E. Olofson, 1984
Title: A study of the woody flora along the fork of the Republican River in Cheyenne County, Kansas.

John A. Osborne, 1968
Title: Some limnological features of Gladfelter Pond, June, 1965-May, 1966.

Kenneth A. Ostrander, 1966
Title: In Vitro studies of the interaction of Franciesella tularensis with cells of the reticulo-endothelial system.

Andrea C. Ostroff, 2001
Title: Distribution and mesohabitat characteristics of river otter in eastern Kansas.

David A. Otto, 1957
Title: A study of the middle Pennsylvanian flora found in the Buildex Quarry, Franklin County, Kansas.

Nicole M. Palenske, 2002
Title: Blood viscosity and hematological parameters, in hibernating bullfrogs, Rana catesbeiana.

Harland Pankratz, 1960
Title: The phytoplankton and some physical-chemical data of the Cottonwood and upper Neosho Rivers in Kansas, 1959.

Donald R. Patton, 1983
Title: Seasonal population structures of two coexisting Diaptomus species.

Toni Patton, 2000
Title: Epidemiological typing of Serratia marcescens.

F. David Peck, 1981
Title: Seasonal metabolic changes in the frog, Rana pipiens.

Matthew S. Peek, 2000
Title: Attitudes and characteristics of Kansas trappers.

James Peterson, 1994
Title: Ecology of Ixodid ticks in east central Kansas.

Morton O. Philips, 1954
Title: A study of small mammals in areas adjacent to Garden City Kansas.

Judy Pitcher, 1965
Title: In vitro and in vivo studies of acquired serum resistance of E. coli after intracellular residence.

Dena K. Podrebarac, 1992
Title: The distribution of house finch in Kansas and studies of competition between the house finch and the house sparrow in Kansas during winter.

Darin R. Porter, 1991
Title: Gut morphology and genetic variation as predictors of population vigor in the greater prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus cupido) in Kansas.

Joy E. Prather, 1970
Title: A comparison of zooplankton species diversity in John Redmond, Marion, and Council Grove reservoirs, Kansas, Summer 1968.

Robert M. Prather, 1990
Title: Organic carbon, bulk density, and microbial biomass in reseeded Kansas farmland soils.

Donna Pritchard, 1982
Title: Genetic variance in the prairie deer mouse.

Carl W. Prophet, 1956
Title: Variations in the physical-chemical conditions and entomostraca of the Fall and Verdigris Rivers in Wilson and Montogomery counties, Kansas from April 3, 1954, to March 12, 1955.

James A. Ptacek, 1986
Title: Avian community structure in Kansas riparian forests.

Margaret S. Ptacek, 1984
Title: Reproductive ecology and habitat analysis of the northern spring peeper (Hyla c. crucifer) in southeastern Kansas.

Jeffrey J. Rabe, 1989
Title: Habitat preference of two subspecies of the eastern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus) in Kansas.

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Current Position:Fish and Wildlife Biologist
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Current Position: President and CEO, Zavos Diagnostic Laboratories, Inc.
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