Scholarship portfolio guidelines

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of portfolios submitted by prospective students.  Your portfolio is very important and will be used by the Scholarship Committee to evaluate your potential.  It should be a collection of your best original art work.  The portfolio must be postmarked no later than March 7, 2015, and should consist of the following: 

1.  Cover letter stating educational background, status as a new freshman or transfer student, and a statement of interests and goals in art.

2. Ten good quality digital images (jpegs) numbered 1-10 submitted on  a CD.  Three of these images must be of drawings and one must be of a three-dimensional work.  Submitted data must be Mac compatible.Loading the images and information in a PowerPoint presentation is recommended and preferred.  Suggested image size and format: 4x6 inches @ 200 dpi jpegs (*Formatting questions may be addressed to:

*  Because of the importance of presenting your work with good quality images, the 
     following are strongly recommended:

*  Use a high quality digital camera on a tripod or copy stand, and use a cable release to 
     avoid the potential for blurred images.
*   Place work on solid neutral background, one without pattern (which can detract from 
     the image).
*   Focus your camera and fill the frame with the viewfinder with your art.
*   Review your images and clean up any background imperfections before selecting ones 
     for the portfolio.
*   Two-dimensional art is often photographed using a copy stand with two lights placed 
     at the 45-degree angle from the art work.
*   Three-dimensional work should be photographed on a neutral background (dark 
     grey and black are preferred) and show two different views of the piece. 

3.   Information sheet containing the following information:   student's name, address, phone number and email address. For the Cd, include a paper with the image number, title, medium, and size of original artwork.   

4.   Materials will not be returned.

Due date:  POSTMARKED BY MARCH 7, 2015
Materials postmarked after this date will not be considered.

Competitors will be notified of the results after April 15, 2015.

Send your portfolio and support materials to:

Scholarship Committee
ESU Department of Art
Campus Box 4015
1 Kellogg Circle
Emporia, KS 66801