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Bachelor of Arts - Art

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The degree Bachelor of Arts is designed for students wanting a broad liberal arts education in Art.  Such a degree can help prepare a student to enter careers in art which demand experience in many areas.

The student must earn a minimum grade of "C" in all art courses (AR) and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 in all art courses (AR) required for the Bachelor of Arts - Art major.

At least 45 hours in courses numbered 300 or above must be completed for this degree.

In addition to the following courses, all art majors are required to complete the course AR 225 - Art History I as part of the General Education Requirements.

Art Major Requirements:

Forty-five hours of art courses (AR) and at least 12 hours in another program of study

AR 101    Basic Drawing (3)
AR 102    Two-Dimensional Design (3)
AR 103    Three-Dimensional Design (3)
AR 322    Life Drawing (3)
AR 235    Art History II (3)
AR 345    20th Century Art History: 1880-1945 (3)
AR 355    Art History Since 1945 (3)
AR 501    Avanced Drawing (3)

Approved Art Electives, 300+ level (14)

Other Approved Art Electives (10)

All art majors must satisfactorily complete AR 099 - Art Forum every semester, up to 8 semesters.

AR 095 - First Year Experience and AR 098 - Mid-Program Portfolio Review are required for all Art majors.

Multicultural Experience Requirement:  The degree plan for the BA requires the student to take 10 hours of one foreign language to satisfy the Multicultural Experience Requirement. (Test out by established means is possible)

Second field (minimum of 12 credit hours):  Program to be established by the department administering the chosen second field discipline.  The second field may be Art History.

Free and unrestricted electives:  21 credit hours (may include art)