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Emporia State University Department of Art faculty are among the finest in the region. Traditional studios, complemented with the technology of our age, are available for students to develop their skills and unique artistic vision.

Well-equipped studios are available for art education, ceramics, digital imaging and animation, engraving arts, graphic design, drawing, glass forming (the only university glass studio in Kansas), metals, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and fibers.

Students are taught by exhibiting artists, respected art historians, and art educators.  Every member of the faculty is a professional in their field. Art created by this award-winning faculty can be found in museums and galleries worldwide. Books and articles by our art history instructor are featured in prestigious international publications. This outstanding group of artist-teachers prepares students for careers in art and art-related professions. Many successful artists, designers, art educators, art historians and art therapists are graduates of ESU art programs.


Students may prepare for a profession in ceramics, engraving arts, graphic design, glass forming, painting, photography, printmaking or sculpture by choosing to complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. This program may also be used for cultural development or to prepare for advanced study of art on the graduate level.


Our university continues to excel in teacher education, as it has for over 125 years. The Bachelor of Science in Education degree program prepares students to teach art at the K-12 level.


Bachelor of Science in Art students elect a second area of study to develop alternate career options. One popular choice is pre-Art Therapy preparation, which includes a second area of study in psychology. Further study in graduate school is required of professionals in Art Therapy, and a master's degree in Art Therapy is offered through ESU's Department of Psychology, Art Therapy, Rehabilitation, and Mental Health in graduate school, which is usually required of professionals in this field. A masters degree in Art Therapy is offered through our Department of Psychology and Special Education.


Bachelor of Arts in Art students pursue a well-rounded liberal-arts program of study, and elect a second area of study (for example, business, journalism, public relations, or recreation) to develop alternate career options.


The Department of art provides course work on the graduate level for returning teachers who desire to update their preparation and extend their skills, and for students choosing an elective in art as part of their program for a master's degree in another field, such as education.