Elayna Coleman - Ambassador President

Welcome Ambassadors, Future Ambassadors, Alumni, and friends of Emporia State University!


The ESU Ambassador organization serves as one of the most prestigious organizations on campus. I can sum up everything that Ambassadors is about in three simple words, which make up our motto: “Service, Spirit, Success.”


Student Ambassadors go through a rigorous application and training process to demonstrate how they embody our motto and mission. Our students are leaders who love ESU and volunteer countless hours of their time to serve our school. The primary three ways in which Ambassadors serve our university are campus tours, student programming, and Alumni events.


Ambassadors are most commonly known on campus for giving tours. We give tours daily for prospective students and various other visitors. Every semester, Ambassadors is responsible for giving campus tours to as many as 5,000 visitors. While this number continues to grow, we strive to make every single tour we give a personal and memorable experience for the visitor. Ambassadors often find that giving campus tours is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an Ambassador—we understand the opportunity we have to impact a visitor’s view of our university, and we do not take that opportunity lightly. In addition to serving future students, Ambassadors also serves current students through a variety of student programming events. Some of the events we organize and host include student tailgating before football games, the annual T-Shirt Exchange, Homecoming Tricycle races, and Senior Week—just to name a few. All of our student programs aim to cultivate Hornet Pride and unity in our student body. We are constantly adapting our programs and looking to incorporate new ideas that better fit our ever-changing campus culture. Lastly, Ambassadors have the opportunity to network with alumni at various events held by the Alumni Association. Whether it be hosting an alum during Homecoming weekend, or just serving as a welcoming committee as alumni arrive on campus, we seize these opportunities to connect with people who have so much wisdom to offer. In everything we do, we strive to represent ESU in a positive way by holding ourselves to the highest standards we can achieve.


In closing, I would like to offer a personal note about what Ambassadors has meant to me, and why I believe the work we do is important. Every day, I am thankful that I chose Emporia State, and even more thankful I applied to become an Ambassador. I truly believe that ESU is a great place—if not the best place—to be. I love the opportunity I get to advocate for the university, as well as the chance to connect with past and present Hornets through service. The Ambassador program has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone, and through that venture I have gained leadership skills, experiences, and connections I will carry with me for the rest of my life.


Current and future ambassadors, I leave you with the following truth: You will get out of this organization exactly what you put into it. View everything you do as an Ambassador as an opportunity, because that’s exactly what it is! If you love ESU, and love to serve, nothing we do will ever feel like work. To our alumni, thank you for your continued support. Please, don’t be a stranger—we would love to connect with you!


With Hornet Pride,

Elayna Coleman

President of Ambassadors