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Tayler Wash - Ambassador President

Welcome Ambassadors, Future Ambassadors, Alumni, and friends of Emporia State University,

The ESU Ambassador organization is one of the most prestigious organizations on our campus comprised of some of the most passionate, driven, and gifted students at Emporia State University. Our focus and motivation is found in the words of our motto, "Service, Spirit, and Success."

One of the most common places you will find an ESU Ambassador is walking backwards, giving prospective students tours of our beautiful campus. Often times, we are the first students that visitors meet, and we help to make a good first impression. We go through an intense, one-day retreat during which we learn about the history and traditions of Emporia State University so that we are able to pass that information along on campus tours. While campus tours are great for prospective students, they are rewarding for us as well. When the academic years starts, we are regularly approached by new hornets that remember us giving them a tour and they are always so grateful. There is no better feeling than to know that you impacted a fellow student's life by helping them find their home at Emporia State University.

Along with being the first face that most students see, we are also some of the most frequently spotted faces on campus. We host a multitude of events for current students that are again connected to our motto of "Service, Spirit, and Success." One of which is the E-Zone tailgating party series. Two hours before every home football game, we set up a tailgating party including free food, games, music, and a whole lot of Hornet Pride! Another one of our trademark events is the Tricycle Races during Homecoming week. We encourage students, faculty, and any member of the ESU community to create a team and race for the traveling trophy and the ever-glorious bragging rights fit for tricycle champions. Last but not least, one of our biggest events is Senior Week. This is a week during which we recognize and celebrate all of our graduating seniors and give them opportunities to spend some time together before the big day! We also give away tons of awesome prizes.

Although we accommodate new students and current students, we are also heavily involved with ESU Alumni. We attend and assist with numerous alumni events. Between the free food, the bonding time with other ambassadors, and networking with successful alumni, these events make for some of the best times as an Ambassador.

Current Ambassadors, I encourage you to stay vested in the organization. Not only are you the driving force of the organization, but you are the embodiment of our motto. Future and aspiring Ambassadors, I encourage you to get involved and allow yourself to grow as student leaders while having some of the most enjoyable times of your life. Alumni, I encourage you to continue to support us; know that you are greatly appreciated.


With love for ESU,

Tayler Wash

Ambassador President